Social Business Analyst


Get answers to your critical business questions using real-time data insights. Drive faster decision-making with automated alerts and actions.

Social Business Analyst delivers complete all-in-one Industry Intelligence, enabling you to aggregate content from across the internet alongside your internal data and business metrics. Compare and analyze your business data in the context of the social web in order to measure social impact.

Get answers to critical questions about your brand and market using real-time data insights. Automate alerts and business actions from the dashboard by creating a Potion with the trigger(s) and action(s) that you want to take place—e.g., when A or B trigger happens, then take X and Y actions; otherwise take Z. Drive faster decision-making, based on data insights.


  • Use information from across the social web to inform decision-making by analyzing real-time social data, businesses gain new insights into their brands, products, and customers.
  • Save time with an all-in-one dashboard view Instead of hunting for relevant information online, users can see it all from one dashboard, aggregated and categorized automatically.
  • Analyze your business metrics in their social context with all of your data in one dashboard – internal metrics alongside social data – you can compare and analyze everything to understand business decisions in their social context.
  • Share insights across the organization and retain your unlimited business history
  • Share dashboards with live data or send automatic email alerts to keep everyone updated.


  • Ask a business question and gain real-time insights to drive better decision-making.
  • Aggregate, analyze and act automatically on the information that matters most to your role.
  • Leverage social data to gain new insights into brands, markets, topics, and events.
  • Understand business metrics in their social context.
  • Set your business metrics on autopilot by automating actions triggered by data insights.


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