Micron 3D Color

MICRON3D Color is a 3D scanner created for the precise digitalization of colorful objects. This unique touchless measuring system is a perfect tool for creating a digital twin of real objects both for archiving valuable artifacts and prototypes documentation. The highest resolution available on the market allows for imaging objects with the highest level of detail is perfect for digitization exacting details.

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Precise Digitization of Colorful Objects

The Micron3D Color scanner offers stereoscopic measurement using two detectors, ensuring enhanced accuracy in capturing details. Its carbon fiber housing is resistant to temperature changes, and its sealed structure prevents the need for recalibration. This scanner is not only known for its high scanning resolution but also for its ability to obtain detailed color information. It’s an ideal tool for creating a digital twin of real items, making it invaluable for archiving artifacts and documenting prototypes. The high resolution captures intricate details, from pottery ornaments to canvas damages and microfractures.

The Micron3D Color scanner boasts advanced measuring automation and processing functions. Its integration with an optionally available Shadeless Lighting System ensures the capture of life-like textures without shadows, guaranteeing high-quality shape and color information. The scanner’s highly-sensitive sensor adeptly captures data from challenging objects, whether they’re dark, shiny, or have intricate details. Beyond archiving and documentation, this scanner is also perfect for animation, computer games, and 3D printing. Additionally, it includes a quality tripod with pan and tilt adjustments for smooth scanning operations and comes with a professional protective transportation case.

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Digitization And Visual Research

Convenience & Ease-of-Use

  • MICRON3D color is a mobile 3D scanner. For the operator`s convenience, each scanner is delivered and installed with PC workstation and dedicated measuring data processing application.

  • SMARTTECH 3D scanners are pre-calibrated and no additional calibration is required from the user. Despite the advanced technology, the usage of the scanner has been simplified, so that it can be operated by a person without specialized technical knowledge.

  • The function of measurement on a rotary table or with markers guarantees the full automation of measurement process regardless of the size of the object. The automatic data processing module guarantees high quality image.

  • Professional, integrated shadeless lighting system triggered by the scanner guarantees uniform reproduction of the texture and color throughout the entire object.

Ideal for Museums

Over 20 years long experience in production of 3D scanners and cooperation with museums helped us to introduce additional improvements and equipment specialized for the measuring of national heritage objects.

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  • Stereoscopic measurement using two detectors
  • Carbon fiber housing is resistant to temperature changes and its sealed structure prevents the need for recalibration
  • High accuracy
  • The highly-sensitive sensor captures data from dark or shiny objects
  • Optionally available Shadeless Lighting Systems that allows the capture of life-like textures without shadow
  • Includes quality tripod with pan and tilt adjustments to ensure smooth movements
  • Professional protective transportation case 


SMARTTECH3D Micron Green

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