Universe Lite

SMARTTECH3D UNIVERSE LITE is a complete portable hardware & application solution that allows you to create black & white 3D models in a very short amount of time. Full scan results &data take only 5 minutes. SMARTTECH3D UNIVERSE LITE is a “plug & scan” scanner which means that it does not require any calibration and can be used immediately after connection. The kit also includes a manual rotary table that allows the automation of the measuring process.

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Combine with Markers for Measurement Accuracy

The device can measure by using markers (tags). Thanks to which we can measure objects that are larger than measuring the field of the scanner. SMARTTECH3D UNIVERSE LITE is a professional and factory calibrated metrological tool, certified by the manufacturer according to the German VDI / VDE 2634 standard, and its measurement accuracy can be additionally confirmed by the certificate of an independent accredited metrology laboratory.

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Incredible Features in One Portable Package

The full package includes:

• Scanning Head
• Professional Tripod
• Manual Rotary Table
• Professional Transport Suitcase
• SMARTTECH3Dmeasure Software
• Set of Positioning Markers

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Point Clouds & Triangle mesh Scanning with Mobile Workstation

An optional mobile workstation that can be provided with the scanner is equipped with special SMARTTECH3Dmeasure software for editing clouds of points and triangle meshes. Software is adapted to work comfortably with clouds of points above 60 million points. Measurement functions on a rotary table or with the use of markers allow full automation of the measurement process of objects with different dimensions. The automatic data processing module guarantees each user a high quality of reproduction.

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Designed for Manufacturing operations that value Industry 4.0 Technology Solutions. Suited for quality control or reverse engineering applications.

SMARTTECH3D Micron 3D Color

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The 3DMED line-up produces detailed color 3D scans. Researchers and doctors can now use dedicated measurement equipment designed for the complex shapes of the human body.


The Universe can reconstruct a physical space into a3D world for metrologically proven technical measurements where the color of objects is crucial .