Safeguard your data from cyber attacks with SOLIDWORKS PDM

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Safeguard your data from cyber attacks with SOLIDWORKS PDM

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Cyber criminals no longer come in the form of Nigerian princes. The evolution of cyberattacks can be seen in news headlines across the world, such as “WannaCry”; the ransomware that locked up computers in an estimated 150 countries.

In 2016 alone, 1,209 data breaches occurred and resulted in 1.1 billion identities being exposed, according to the Symantec’s 2016 Internet Security Threat Report. With worldwide cyber security threats increasing in number and strength, businesses are being advised to take action and increase company data security.

Business Insider reported that 69% of executives were concerned about cyber threats in 2014, including lack of data security. In 2015, that number rose to 86%.

SOLIDWORKS’ Product Data Management (PDM) system not only manages important files and company data, but protects this information from cyberattacks and hackers through the system’s Secure File Vaulting feature.

The vaulting feature encrypts all data and files stored within PDM. Data placed into an encrypted data management is more difficult for an outside party to hack. It is possible for individuals to encrypt their files and folders themselves, but doing so takes time and has shown to be easy for cybercriminals to crack.

“Large organizations in all sectors- for example, government, military, commercial, financial, and energy- suffer the consequences of using large-scale computing systems whose trustworthiness either is not assured or is potentially compromised because of costs that outweigh the perceived benefits.”

-”A Roadmap for Cybersecurity Research” by Homeland Security

Through SOLIDWORKS’ PDM, trustworthiness is assured through the username and password protected locks that guards access to all files within the system. PDM goes a step further and also provides a double electronic signature feature.

Furthermore, SOLIDWORKS’ PDM allows administrators to delegate which users within the system are granted access to certain files and folders. This helps ensure that the intended users are gaining access to the correct information as well as monitoring that the data is only being used by those who are trusted with that specific information.

Unlike most data management systems, PDM automatically backs itself to another secure environment through its data backup and replication abilities. In the unlikely event that data is accessed and compromised from an outside source, the data lost can be found in full in the backup location.

Other features of SOLIDWORKS PDM include workflow tracking, file routing, data storage, replication, and data backup. All of which aid in saving the user time and money through eliminating duplicate work and maximizing time.

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