CADimensions Simulation Services

CADimensions Simulation Services

Design validation or, using Simulation tools, is the best way to trim time and money from your product development lifecycle. Understanding flaws and issues early in the development cycle reduces downstream trial & error.

Virtual Prototyping is more important than ever in today’s ever-changing world. Being able to turn around design iterations and test concepts before the first prototype is built saves time and money throughout the design process. SOLIDWORKS Simulation products offer a wide variety of options to test your concepts, whether its a stress analysis to make sure the part/assembly will not exceed a design value, flow simulations to make sure flow rates are being met, or plastic injection simulation to avoid costly mold rework. If you don’t have these capabilities currently in-house, CADimensions Simulation services department can help you test your designs and turn them around faster!

CADimensions Simulation services department can provide studies and reports in a variety of formats to fit your needs. Whatever you’re looking to optimize or design for, let us help you! Leveraging the power of virtual prototyping to get design decisions done earlier in the process streamlines the manufacturing process and reduces waste.

Making sure your model can withstand all the loading conditions it’s subjected to? Want to make sure your hardware won’t fail? Looking for the maximum amount your product might move under load? SOLIDWORKS Simulation and the CADimensions Simulation Services team can help you figure out the answers to these questions and decrease the time spent in your product development cycle.


Trying to optimize the placement of cooling elements in your models like fans and heat sinks? Want to make sure your model is producing correct velocities and pressures at operating conditions? Looking for pressure drop through the system? SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation is the answer! The CADimensions Simulation Services team can help answer these questions for you and help you find the best solution going forward.

Worried about whether your design is going to fill efficiently? Wondering where to put the injection locations to minimize air traps and weld lines? Wondering where the cooling channels should go? SOLIDWORKS Plastics simulation software can help you answer all these questions and more! CADimensions Simulation Services team has years of experience with SOLIDWORKS Plastics and can help you optimize your mold before the first die is even cut, saving you costly mold rework down the line.

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