Data Migration

Data Migration

It’s amazing how quickly data accumulates. Once it’s there, moving it can be an enormous task. Your data is your most important asset and it is critical to keep it safe and accessible. When it comes time to move it, it can be a nerve-racking and time-consuming process. CADimensions offers several data migration services that can put your mind at ease. Our most commonly used data migration services are:

Windows to SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard or Professional

This service is perfect for customers who are moving to a data management tool for the first time. We will take your existing data and migrate it into whichever version of PDM you are moving to.

Workgroup PDM to SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard or Professional

Support for Workgroup PDM has now lapsed, but we can make the transition to our current tools as painless as possible. With this service, we’ll prepare and transfer your data from Workgroup to PDM Standard or Professional.

Legacy Data Management Tool to SOLIDWORKS PDM

There’s no need to be stuck working in an outdated data management system. We can move data from any legacy system into SOLIDWORKS PDM. Don’t let the hassle of transferring files hold you back from using the data management system designed to be used with your SOLIDWORKS software.

Legacy Data Management Tool to SOLIDWORKS Manage

SOLIDWORKS Manage is a master management tool but it needs data to feed on. Let us help you start exploring the benefits of using SOLIDWORKS Manage by getting your data into the system. The sky is the limit after that!

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