CAD User Productivity Assessment

Improve CAD performance and increase user productivity


If your team is missing deadlines there's a good chance there are flaws in the process. Identifying your friction points and addressing the user issues will boost user performance and ensure software delays don't result in missed deadlines.


Misaligned hardware and inefficient design processes steal time from otherwise productive designers. You can save time and money by getting the absolute most from your design team.


If you've been using SOLIDWORKS for a while but never got formally trained, there is potential for bad design habits to be passed down. You'll get the best practices for how to optimize your designs.

What's Included In Your Assessment?

$1,000 Per assessment (up to 3 users)

  • 1-3 Users who will participate in the discovery interview process.
  • Insight into where modeling best practices can be incorporated to speed up users.
  • Deep dive into the hardware your team is using to ensure alignment with specifications.
  • A comprehensive analysis of your CAD environment and ways to improve productivity.
  • Full review of assets and support history (when applicable).

The CADimensions 3-Step Process


We start by auditing your current working environment to gather information about how your team uses your CAD software now. This includes a questionnaire and 1 on 1 meetings with key users.


Our engineers have decades of experience training, supporting, and using multiple CAD tools in industry. The CADimensions team will review the discovery feedback and create a deliverable for you.


Your use case is going to be unique and so your feedback with be unique. We will customize a recommendation specific to the needs of your organization and its people.

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