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CAD Model Creation

What is CAD model creation​?

CAD Model Creation lets you conceptualize, build, validate, interact, manage, and turn your creative ideas into amazing product designs with our intuitive 3D modeling and product development solutions.

Document Design

What is document design?

Creating drawings can be a time-consuming process. CADimensions offers services for creating 3D drawings as well as 3D PDFs with model-based dimensions and Product Manufacturing Information. We can make sure your product details are documented.

Interactive Bill of Materials

Bill of Materials can get complex. Small components are easily lost, and sub-assemblies can lead to flipping through pages of documents searching for specific components. It doesn’t have to be this way and an interactive bill of material is the solution! Using this technique, we’ll create an interactive, web-based BOM that can be accessed from anywhere. Finding a component is now as simple as point and click!

Work Instructions Development

If the parts don’t go together, what good are they? Poor instructions are a common source of lost productivity and poor customer experience. Whether it’s for the shop floor or for the end-use customer, CADimensions can help you create concise work instructions based on your existing CAD data.

3D PDF Print Creation

Creating drawings can be a time-consuming process. We can make sure your product details are well documented! A solid model alone is often not enough information to be able to accurately recreate a design. Inherited 3D models often come without documentation and legacy design details often go missing. 2D prints have been the industry standard for decades but we have better ways of doing things these days! 3D prints give all of the information that would have been available on a 2D print but in a format that is much more natural and easy to read. Clarity is key on the shop floor. Avoid costly mistakes due to misread prints with a 3D print that can be opened on any machine!

2D Print Creation

Creating drawings can be a time-consuming process. We can make sure your product details are well documented! A solid model alone is often not enough information to be able to accurately recreate a design. Inherited 3D models often come without documentation and legacy design details often go missing. We can create a 2D print for record-keeping purposes or as a reference for the shop floor. Just send us the model and we’ll detail the drawing. If you’re looking for a more progressive solution, we also offer documentation built into a 3D model using Product Manufacturing Information techniques.


What are simulation services?

Conventional FEA tools are intricate and difficult to use, reserved only for the most experienced users. SOLIDWORKS Simulation is fast and intuitive and can manage complex simulations with ease.

Simulation Services

Making intelligent design decisions early in the process can be the difference between a great design, and a costly mistake. CADimensions offers Simulation services ranging from FEA to fluid flow analysis setup. We also specialize in custom training built to suit your needs. If you’re wondering if your project is a good fit for our services, fill out the form below!

Library Creation

What is library creation?

Library creation is a configuration service for reusable geometries. Take advantage of this one-time setup and use it on all projects going forward! These include services such as customizing the toolbox and custom profiles for weldments and structural systems.

Toolbox Configuration

Toolbox can be a huge help in quickly adding fasteners to your designs. We’re here to make it even better. We can streamline the process by customizing it to only fasteners you use. We can also customize the fasteners themselves to include things like purchase part numbers. This data carries its benefits through all of your assemblies and drawings.

Structural System Profiles

Structural systems allow for even more efficient creation of framing systems than weldments provide! If you’re looking to use your existing weldment profiles, however, you’ll have some adjustments to make. Let us reformat your existing weldment profiles to take advantage of the advanced capabilities that structural systems bring! When we’re done, you’ll be making framing systems in SOLIDWORKS faster than you thought possible!

Weldment Profiles

Weldments are a powerful way to create framing systems quickly. This tool, however, is reliant on having the proper profile that is set up correctly. We are capable of creating any cross-section you need and preparing it for use in weldments. Take advantage of the efficiency of weldments with any profile shape!

Design Library Parts &
Smart Component Creation

Repetitive work can be a drag and it can certainly drag down your productivity! Intelligence can be built into commonly used shapes which can turn tedious tasks into drag-and-drop operations. We’ll create them once, and you’ll enjoy the benefits every single time you use it thereafter! It’s an investment that keeps on giving!

Routing Library Configuration

Pipe, tube, and electrical routing can be tricky business. That’s why many of our customers turn to the automated systems built into SOLIDWORKS. However, if you find the libraries lacking the components and properties you need, we can help! Let us help you customize your routing library to include just the components you work with on a daily basis. Improve efficiency and ease frustration!

Preparing For Production

What does preparing for production mean?

CAM is one of the most powerful ways you can leverage your investment in solid models. CADimensions offers a range of services for SOLIDWORKS CAM and CAMWorks. We offer custom tool profile generation, custom tool cribs to match the matches on your floor, and even accept select programming jobs.

Custom Tool Crib

Things can get confusing out on the shop floor and they are even more confusing when things get thrown over the wall from engineering to the shop floor. Get everyone on the same page by aligning the digital machines in CAM with the machines on the shop floor. Custom Tool Cribs are a great way to reduce the chance of error and improve communication between the programmer and the machinist.

Custom Tool Profile Creation

Toolpath simulation is an effective way to check your work when programming CNC operations. Custom or unusual tools, however, make this more of a guessing game. Send over the cutter specs and we’ll take care of the rest! With custom tools loaded into CAM, you’ll be able to visualize your cuts no matter what tool you’re using.

Product Rendering

What is product rendering?

First impressions can be everything. Whether it is prepping CAD data for a PowerPoint presentation, documents for print, or content for the web, our staff can make sure your product is unforgettable.

Online Product Configurator

The market demands customization and personalization but how do you keep track of it? How do you offer complex variations without creating an ordering nightmare? Help is here! We can build an online configurator and can even have a web store all in one! This system allows your customer to choose a configuration that suits their needs, and order on the spot. They can preview with quality graphics and use augmented reality to see the product in place before they even place their order! Create an unbelievable experience for your customer while streamlining your back end process. It’s a win-win!

Augmented Reality &
Extended Reality

It’s a virtual world and the benefits are immense! Extended reality and virtual reality are gaining popularity and for good reason. Exploring an environment without limits is a fantastic way to prototype things that aren’t feasible to prototype. We offer a variety of ways to accomplish this from simple and cost-effective 360 interactive renderings to exporting your CAD data to work with a fully built virtual reality environment.

Presentation Content

First impressions can be everything. Whether it is prepping CAD data for a PowerPoint presentation, documents for print, or content for the web, our staff can make sure your product is unforgettable! This content is great for product proposals, inner-departmental meetings, start-up products or anything needing to be shared with an audience!

Rendered Stills

A picture is worth a thousand words, but what if your product isn’t ready to be photographed? CADimensions has some of the industry’s leading authorities when it comes to rendering with SOLIDWORKS Visualize. Take advantage of our award-winning staff, and give your product the flair it needs to get noticed! You’ve invested considerable amounts of resources in building your CAD models. Let it pay you back by using it for more than just storing your IP! Send us your CAD model and we’ll turn it into photo-quality images for use on the web, brochures, and more!

Rendered Animations

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a video worth? We say “priceless”! Animations have a way of explaining a product or process more efficiently than anything else. Rendered videos are one of our specialties! Take advantage of our award-winning staff and let us create something stunning for your website, presentation, or sales pitch!

Interactive Website Content

These days, getting noticed is all about your online presence. Many of our customer’s first contact with us is through our website. Make sure that first impression is lasting with interactive product renderings. These photorealistic renderings give your customer or prospect the ability to get up close and personal with your product before it even gets in their hands. This offering is one of our best “bang for buck” options when it comes to graphics and can save you tens of thousands of dollars over other similar methods!

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