Unite the entire enterprise in one shared, interactive cloud environment, from design and manufacturing to operation and marketing.

Fundamentals of The 3DEXPERIENCE

Learn how the cloud-based 3DEXPERIENCE platform changes the way you sell products by linking the creation cycle from design to manufacturing and consumer delivery, in just two minutes.

What Is The 3DEXPERIENCE Platform?

The 3DEXPERIENCE Platform is a cloud-based environment that connects the development process of your product from design through fabrication and delivery. Ideal for companies of any scale, you can access an expanding collection of integrated resources to handle any element of the product life cycle. The platform provides a real-time view in a single environment, so that your teams can share ideas and data from anywhere securely. It empowers organizations to collaborate from any device, connect with customers and suppliers, and monitor progress so that you can deliver unrivaled products and customer experiences.

Connect and Collaborate

The cornerstone of industry is partnership. Collaborative Business Innovator Role, the foundation of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, connects all the stakeholders throughout the process of product development. It allows users to create dashboards and communities that empower teams to share, experiment, and innovate. In addition, Collaborative Business Innovator securely manages data from around the organization allowing stakeholders to gain valuable feedback and enhance efficiency.

3D Experience Session 1 | Driving the 3D Experience Platform

All innovative technologies start with a strong base. The 3DExperience Platform provides a cloud-based environment for connecting your organization.

This session is an overview of how the platform allows us to have interconnected tools creating an environment where we can communicate and share data securely. It will empower your teams to collaborate in real-time from any device, anywhere.

Intuitive Organic Shape Modeling In The Cloud

The 3D Sculptor Role includes the xShape application which provides a browser-based 3D  modeling tool for creating organic shapes. Efficient workflows enable industrial designers, engineers, and artists to create stylized, ergonomic, and organic shapes faster than traditional parametric surface modeling tools. Complement your existing 3D CAD design process with organic modeling on the cloud with xShape on any device.

Parametric Modeling In The Cloud

The 3D Creator Role offers intuitive browser-based parametric modeling capabilities. Applications such as xDesign run entirely on the cloud providing next-generation design tools that are independent of your choice of operating system. Design efficiently from wherever you are on whatever device you are using.

Advanced Simulation Capabilities in the Cloud

The 3DEXPERIENCE Simulation Roles bring enhanced simulation capabilities to SOLIDWORKS users. Solve more complex physics with confidence, accuracy, and speed using the power of the Simulia solvers. When more resources are necessary, take advantage of cloud computing to accelerate the validation process and get answers more quickly.

Data and Product Lifecycle Management in the Cloud

Cloud-based data management allows data to be available anywhere. It provides versatility, mobility, and control over the information that empowers global teams to be more productive. The 3DEXPERIENCE brings the power of Enovia to SOLIDWORKS users who need revision control, access control, and sharing of data. Enhancing the data with Enovia lifecycle management tools, users will be able to cloud-enable their change management and issue management processes. Keep all stakeholders, including contract vendors and external resources, up to date with the latest design information as projects progress.

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