Measure twice, cut once, right? With SOLIDWORKS Simulation you’re able to validate your design and test it against a huge range of parameters long before you ever get to manufacturing. The best way to save resources, time and money is to ensure that your design will perform the way you expect it to. Get unparalleled validation with SOLIDWORKS Simulation.

SW Simulation Overview Datasheet


Built for concurrent engineering, SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard will have all the tools to do basic design validation and testing for a wide range of applications. Know your product virtually before you build it with Simulation.


Simulation Professional builds on the tenets of Simulation Standard but includes a more robust group of tools for test for a wider range of scenarios and variables.


The gold standard for design validation, Simulation Premium offers an incredibly comprehensive suite of tools for advanced design testing. Bring real world forces against your product and be confident of its field performance with Simulation Premium.