SOLIDWORKS Visualization products are created for anyone who needs to create professional photo-quality images, animations, and other 3D content in the fastest and easiest way possible. SOLIDWORKS Visualize is hardware agnostic, which means designers, engineers, and content creators who use SOLIDWORKS or other CAD creation tools (such as Rhino®, Autodesk Alias®, 3dsMax®) for product, architectural, yacht, mechanical, and other designs can produce an enhanced 3D decision-making experience in a fast, easy, and fun way.

SOLIDWORKS Visualize StandardSOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard

The fastest and easiest way to photo-quality images for anyone that needs to take “photos” of their 3D data. No longer compromise the quality of design presentations and marketing collateral by relying on screen grabs or costly photographs of physical prototypes to show an upcoming product. Quickly and easily create emotional content to improve the development process and provide marketing with photo-quality assets earlier than ever imagined.

SOLIDWORKS Visualize ProfessionalSOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional

An extensive toolset to easily create images, animations, and interactive content. Tell a deeper story with CAD data by generating photo-quality imagery, interactive animations, and 360 degree spins to effectively communicate the most complex design details. SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional includes all the great features of SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard, plus advanced features like animations, real-time Presentation Mode, camera filters, and much more.

Download the SOLIDWORKS Visualize Datasheet

HDR Light Studio from LightmapHDR Light Studio

HDR Light Studio is best known for creating studio style lighting – particularly for reflective materials that are difficult to light. Procedural lights can be precisely positioned and controlled to create a wide variety of lighting effects. Alpha controls allow a gradient or image to provide additional transparency control over the lights’ appearance.

Download the HDR LightStudio Datasheet