SOLIDWORKS Term Licensing On Everything You Need

Term Licenses give you the flexibility & scalability you need, available on every SOLIDWORKS product.*

Flexible Licencing. Full Support

Term licenses get you access to CADimensions award winning support team and a whole lot more.

 If you need flexibility and help controlling costs when your SOLIDWORKS needs fluctuate, or if you need to add Simulation for just one project, then Term Licensing in SOLIDWORKS 2020 has you covered. 

Just need CAD? All terms of core SOLIDWORKS include additional tools below: 



project-based work

Choose Your Plan

Access SOLIDWORKS the same way you would a perpetual license with full support and benefits for the time it’s active. Perfect for co-ops, interns, contract work, or if you’re just starting up and need an affordable alternative to perpetual. 


Standard: $810
Professional: $1080
Premium: $1450


Standard: $1620
Professional: $2160
Premium: $2900


Standard: $3240
Professional: $4320
Premium: $5800

*Get SOLIDWORKS In A Totally New Way

The 3D Experience platform gives you SOLIDWORKS from a web browser and includes new tools like:

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