SOLIDWORKS 2019 Digital Release Schedule for CADimensions

The launch of SOLIDWORKS 2019 is going to showcase all the user-driven changes in this year’s release. As usual, the CADimensions crew has their own take on what are the hot new features and what they mean for you.

See below for a day by day list of all the great videos showing off all our favorite features in SOLIDWORKS 2019!

2019 Digital Launch Day 10 – Drawings / Inspection

Day 10 sees big improvements to Drawings. Drawings get modified for efficient and automatic updates. This video also looks at SOLIDWORKS Inspection and new enhancements that give more flexibility when generating First Article Inspection Reports.

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2019 Digital Launch Day 9 – eDrawings / Routing

Day 9 looks at a product that many people might have thought was ending it’s usefulness but to our delight, SOLIDWORKS has put a lot into eDrawings 2019! This video also gives a great overview of the Routing function in SOLIDWORKS.

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2019 Digital Launch Day 8 – Assembly

Day 8 looks into where SOLIDWORKS tackled some big upgrades to common assembly challenges. Enhancements touch areas that include exploded views, large design review and de-feature. File protection has never been easier with amazing enhancements to SOLIDWORKS 2019!

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2019 Digital Launch Day 7 – SOLIDWORKS Electrical / PCB

Day 7 covers Electrical’s new settings, library changes, tools, and terminal representations. We will also go over SOLIDWORKS PCB and learn how the 2019 updates can save you a lot of time.

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2019 Digital Launch Day 6 – Simulation, Flow, Plastics, and Composer

Day 6 covers a lot of ground with improvements to the core SOLIDWORKS Simulation tools but also the more advanced, Flow Simulation product. This video will also look at SOLIDWORKS Composer, and the enhancements we’re so excited about because they mean big time and money savers for companies using Composer for technical documentation.

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2019 Digital Launch Day 5 – Sketch and SOLIDWORKS Visualize

Day 5 focuses on one area of SOLIDWORKS that gets updated regularly, sketching. 2019 brings upgrades to many aspects of sketching, including a big change to “projected curves”. 2019 also introduces the new “Slicing” tool which helps when you’re importing a mesh or surface into a solid model. This video also looks at all the new ways that Visualize is able to help you render faster and showcase your products in incredible ways!

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2019 Digital Launch Day 4 – SOLIDWORKS CAM,  DimXpert, and MBD

Day 4 covers changes to a few products including a new product from last year, SOLIDWORKS CAM, updates to the DimXpert and functionality enhancements to Model Based Definition or MBD.

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2019 Digital Launch Day 3 – Product Data Management and SOLIDWORKS Manage

Day 3 looks at two different products, Product Data Management (PDM) and a new product in 2019, SOLIDWORKS Manage! Expect to see more seamless integration and better automation of otherwise trivial tasks. SOLIDWORKS Manage is a totally new set of tools for controlling and monitoring project processes and we’re super excited about it!

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2019 Digital Launch Day 2 – Parts and Features

Day 2 is a look at our favorite changes to Parts and Features. There are so many improvements in the modeling tools that shorten time and address a lot of processes that you’ll want to watch this video over and over!

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2019 Digital Launch Day 1 – User Interface / Admin / Install

Here’s the first official video of our SOLIDWORKS 2019 Digital Release. Today we covered the User Interface, Admin Features, and how to Install.

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Digital Release Schedule

  • CADimensions Preview Podcast  – Available 10.10
  • User Interface  – Available 10.22
  • Fundamentals/Install/Admin – Available 10.22
  • Parts + Features/Model Display – Available 10.23
  • SOLIDWORKS PDM – Available 10.24
  • SOLIDWORKS Manage – Available 10.24
  • SOLIDWORKS CAM – Available 10.25
  • Dim Xpert/MBD – Available 10.25
  • Sketch – Available 10.26
  • SOLIDWORKS Visualize – Available 10.26
  • SOLIDWORKS Simulation – Available 10.29
  • SOLIDWORKS Composer – Available 10.29
  • SOLIDWORKS Electrical – Available 10.30
  • SOLIDWORKS Printed Circuit Board – Available 10.30
  • Assembly – Available 10.31
  • eDrawings – Available 11.1
  • Routing – Available 11.1
  • Drawings – Available 11.2
  • SOLIDWORKS Inspection – Available 11.2

Smarter Engineering Episode 1

In our first PODCAST episode, we’ll be discussing what’s new for SOLIDWORKS 2019 as well as our upcoming events! Catch the first glimpse of a few of the exciting new tools are coming your way!

For more info on our launch events:
SOLIDWORKS 2019 Launch Events

CADimensions’ New Studio

It was high time that the CADimensions production operation got a little makeover!
Ok, so….a big makeover!

We thought you all might get a kick out of seeing the creation of our new backlit pallet wall in our Rochester office.

What could we be doing in there? You’ll have to wait and see!