Why Is SOLIDWORKS Premium Better?

Your design challenges are no match for the power of SOLIDWORKS!

What are the biggest benefits to working with the Professional and Premium versions? Watch and learn.

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What does SOLIDWORKS Premium have to offer?

Over 1 million components at your fingertips and each can be customized to your specifications. Drag and drop components like fasteners right into your model and they’ll size automatically. 

SOLIDWORKS Visualize is a photorealistic product rendering tool included in SOLIDWORKS Premium. With Visualize, you’ll be able to bring new products to market faster, as you can produce ad ready images of your product before you ever get a physical prototype! 

PDM Standard is a Data Management solution available inside SOLIDWORKS Professional and Premium. PDM Standard provides secure file vaulting, allowing users to fully control user access, workflows, and revisions. No more multiple users working on the same file at the same time!

The Costing tool in SOLIDWORKS will analyze the geometry and provide a projected cost based on numerous routes of manufacturing. This includes approximating the cost for a variety of processes including laser cutting, water jetting or machining. 

eDrawings Professional is a great bridge between CAD users and Non-CAD users. It allows the ability to measure, mark up, explode views, and even view assembly animation.

This is a time based measurement of the action of forces and loads on your model. SOLIDWORKS Motion saves time and money over physical testing because it allows you to test multiple variables in a virtual space. 

Simulation inside SOLIDWORKS Premium is an incredibly powerful tool. Run structural simulation on parts and assemblies to validate your design will meet your performance expectations in the real-world. Determine failure points or correct needed design changes in a safe environment and without spending needlessly on prototypes. 

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