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Welcome to your own SOLIDWORKS Hands On Test Drive.  Click this link to get access to your SOLIDWORKS Trial. 


Are you interested in trying out some of the new features and enhancements of SOLIDWORKS without having to make any financial commitment? Sign up for a free trial and experience the advanced Simulation, MBD CAM and Visualize features that are only available on SOLIDWORKS.

Watch our exclusive 8 part tutorial series on the most popular aspects of SOLIDWORKS. 

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Step-by-Step SOLIDWORKS Tutorial

Step 1: Introduction Virtual SOLIDWORKS Hands-On Test Drive

Welcome to your virtual “hands-on test drive”! What follows is a series of videos designed to walk you through your first experience using SOLIDWORKS.

Step 1 is to create a SOLIDWORKS user ID and get access to your 4 hour trial HERE.

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Step 2: SOLIDWORKS User Interface

Anyone new to SOLIDWORKS needs to start with getting a lay of the land. This video steps you through the buttons, menus, layouts and customizations that are available to users. Learn how to enable tools, and features that will be the foundation for their use of SOLIDWORKS. 

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Step 3: SOLIDWORKS Part Sketch

There are many ways to create a new sketch and in this video, Derek will walk through some of the most common ways the sketch process can begin. Design intent begins with the sketch and it’s important to consider the goals of your design when determining the best place to begin your sketch.

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Step  4: SOLIDWORKS Extrude & Customize

Build on video 3 by taking the geometry you’ve created and now turn it into a 3D shape. The extrude tool is the super simple way to take your sketch and bring it to life!  Learn some best practices for when you’re ready to create your first 3D geometry.

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Step 5: SOLIDWORKS Holes & Fillets

Your part begins to take shape as you move from working with basic 3D geometry to creating holes and fillets. These are just a few of the features that you can easily apply to parts to get your desired outcome. 

In 4 mouse clicks, you’re able to fillet all 4 edges and even exit the tool. It’s really that simple. 

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Step 6: SOLIDWORKS Drawings

Take your newly completed part and translate it into a document that can be easily read and understood by manufacturing.

Drawings in SOLIDWORKS are created using your existing CAD data. Easily generate a clear and concise document that will be passed along to manufacturing.  

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Step 7: SOLIDWORKS Assemblies

The last step in our introduction is to take your newly created part and use it to build an assembly. 

Simply and quickly mate parts together and learn how to avoid collisions to help ensure your finished product performs as you expect.

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Step 8: Summary

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