SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional Training


3 Days



Recommended Experience Level

  • None


Recommended For

  • Anyone looking to go beyond static images and create photo-realistic rendered videos, interactive content, web content, and more

Course Outline

Day 1
Introduction to Rendering
  • What is rendering and what can it do for us?
Interface Intro
  • Getting acquainted with the interface
SW Appearance Review
  • Recommended workflows
  • SOLIDWORKS appearance application review
Import Settings
  • Recommended workflows
  • Which option should I be using?
  • Strategies for choosing import options
  • Applying appearances in Visualize
  • Manipulating appearances in Visualize
  • Changing scenes
  • Adjusting lighting
  • Strategies for choosing scenes
Day 2
Camera Settings
  • Camera background info
  • Setting up cameras
  • Viewport efficiency tips
  • Applying decals in Visualize
  • Importing decals from SOLIDWORKS
Monitor File
  • Updating file from SOLIDWORKS
  • Handling design changes
Object Manipulation
  • Moving components
  • Strategies for efficient model set up
Output Settings
  • Ensuring a beautiful final result with proper output settings
Day 3
Using Configurations
  • Creating configurations in Visualize
  • Understanding SOLIDWORKS and Visualize terminology
  • Working with the timeline
  • Creating keyframes
  • Strategies for success in rendered animations
Motion Blur
  • Background information
  • Motion blur setup
Presentation Mode
  • Purpose and use cases for presentation mode
Render Queue
  • Setup queue for scheduled rendering
Individual Render Passes
  • Individual passes for post processing applications
Virtual Reality and Panoramic
  • Set up virtual reality and panoramic renders
  • Recommendations on use cases

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