The Stratasys F123 Series: 3D Printer of the Everyday Worker

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The Stratasys F123 Series: 3D Printer of the Everyday Worker

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Once upon a time in the not so distant past, the world was introduced to the first 3D Printers; soon after, they infiltrated the technology and manufacturing industries. And these machines were great, technological advances made them better, but they still had their flaws. One being that in a commercial setting, the fear of the learning curve frightened many would be users away.
Stratasys changed all of that with the inception of the F123 Series; their most user friendly printer to date.
The F123 Series makes operation easier for users of all experience levels by streamlining basic print functions such as setup, file imports, integrating GrabCAD Print Software, material swaps, and calibration.

Often times, when a company purchases a 3D printer, it sits there unboxed, until a printer technician is able to get it setup and implemented. The F123 Series features a plug and play design. Just plug in the printer and it’s ready for use.

GrabCAD Print Software comes standard with the F123 Series; promoting a streamlined, simplified printing process. Users can print directly from CAD files (eliminating .STL file conversions), monitor, and control prints remotely from another device. Even better, very little training is needed with GrabCAD Print Software. Within minutes, virtually anyone with your organization, from mail clerk to CEO, can print files using GrabCAD.

Material Swaps
In the past, the intricacy required for material swaps could be quite cumbersome. The Stratasys F123 Series uses a self-positioning filament spool design, for quick and easy material changes. In most cases, the process is whittled down to about a minute.

Degradation of print files as an effect of either clogged extrusion heads, shrinkage, or expansion is not only frustrating, it’s time-consuming, too. Auto-Calibration saves users from those forehead pounding, hair pulling moments, by ensuring your machine is ready for optimal use at all times.
At this point, you’re probably interested in seeing one of these printers for yourself. Good news, your friends here at CADimensions, Inc. have you covered. We’re packing up a Stratasys F370 and going on a six city tour as part of our Stratasys F Series Roadshow. Check out the event page on our website to sign up and attend an event near you.

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