Stratasys Reinvents 3D Printing Again with the J750

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Stratasys Reinvents 3D Printing Again with the J750

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Stratasys is at it again! With the release of the groundbreaking J750, Stratasys has reinvented 3D printing by adding new innovation to the industry that has not been seen before. The latest PolyJet system unleashes the ability to combine SIX MATERIALS at once. This allows for the ability to get the most realistic parts in a single building process.


With the J750 now doubling the amount of materials we can build at once, this system opens of the door for true full color and high resolution 3D printing, offering over 360,000 colors. This includes the ability to create durable engineering grade plastics like the Digital ABS as well. The J750 also allows for full gradient and texture mapping, again adding to the customers’ ability to created realistic prototypes or FEA parts.


If you are interested in learning more on these capabilities that are helping customers, check out how the J750 3D printer is helping to provide customers with the most realistic prototypes than ever before. Click on the video before for a sneak peek!

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