SOLIDWORKS Educational Programs Tailored to Your Needs

Every year, schools graduate tens of thousands of SOLIDWORKS users who are prepared to enter a workforce where their skills are in demand. From programs for young children and early STEM development to post-graduate coursework and research study, there is a SOLIDWORKS Educational program tailored to your needs.

Software for Educators

Today’s workforce demands that new employees have a well rounded background and good understanding of CAD tools that will make them assets to their organization. By standardizing your curriculum around SOLIDWORKS, you’re improving their future job opportunities and ensuring they are successful in the next step in their lives.

Hardware for Educators

Feeding hungry young minds by letting them create something they can touch and feel is crucial to making a lasting impact on their education. By incorporating 3D printing technology into your curriculum, you’re giving students the chance to use their imaginations and create instead of working in concepts and theories. The learning doesn’t stop with graduate students either. By incorporating 3D printers in your research departments you’re improving the accuracy and quality of research by validating designs and testing functional prototypes.

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