Top 5 Reasons Cloud-Based Businesses are the Future

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Top 5 Reasons Cloud-Based Businesses are the Future

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I can think of countless times I was told “get your head out of the clouds”, it was always meant to get me refocused and on track. But getting your business on track in the information age should have you considering going the other way. Cloud adoption is inevitable and required to catapult your business into the future. It removes barriers to growth and helps to remove the constraints of on-premise solutions. Here are 5 reasons you need to be open to cloud-based solutions now.

Cloud-Based Security is Safe

Of course, you’re worried about the security of the data you create. However much of this is based on the human reaction of the unknown which creates fear. The reality is that many of these tenant spaces that cloud-based systems use have superior security compared to even your own internal network. There are many layers of security and with a little understanding of how this compares to the risks of that same data on your company’s network, most can overcome this fear.

Access the Cloud Anywhere

Let’s face it, our lives are getting busier and the ability to utilize any free time no matter where you are to get a little work done is important. Cloud-based solutions allow you to access data almost anywhere, whether you’re in a coffee shop or onsite with a customer. This eliminates many of the barriers when trying to get things completed when you are on the road.

No Need to Invest Heavily when using cloud-based solutions

The system requirements for software changes from release to release. More RAM, faster CPU or even better video is often required to keep things working promptly. Scalability is a major factor in why you must look to the cloud. When new resources are needed you do not need to re-invest. The cloud providers give you the extra power necessary to keep performing at a high level. Much of the return on investment when using cloud-based solutions is based on not having to invest heavily into resources.

Infrastructure Can be Pricey

If you’re on board with cloud solutions and want to create an internal cloud based system the infrastructure required is vast. The time and money to create and maintain this infrastructure may only be in reach of very large organizations. Cloud-based hosts have invested in that infrastructure so you don’t have to.

Convenient With Accelarated Performance

When you add it all up you will see an increase in the performance when using cloud solutions. You always have the right hardware needed, the correct infrastructure to access it anywhere and the security necessary to keep it safe. This will accelerate any performance KPI’s you have to gauge the speed in which your business can work.

Now is the time to invest in a cloud-based software solution, don’t wait until everyone is doing it. You can become more agile and versatile all while saving money in the long haul. The benefits don’t stop there. Cloud computing will save on disaster recovery efforts and reduce the burden on IT. I know when I am considering software to use I will be putting my head in the clouds.

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