Tulip Event in Syracuse

What can you expect to see at the Agile Manufacturing Roadshow?

  • An overview of the state of Industry 4.0 in 2019
  • Live introduction to Tulip and the idea of Agile Manufacturing
  • A look at what applications are using Tulip now, and the results they’re seeing

WHERE: CADimensions, Inc. 6310 Fly Rd, East Syracuse, NY

WHEN: Tuesday, June 18th from 3 pm-5 pm

WHAT ELSE: Finger foods, drinks

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Is Industry 4.0 A Hoax?

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When trillions are spent each year on automation, yet human error is responsible for 78%-80% of failures. Where is the land of connected devices, seamlessly sharing data, optimizing your line and boosting your profits?

In reality, Industry 4.0 remains a great idea, that has been incredibly challenging for businesses to implement at scale. Enter Tulip.

Industry 4.0 Promise

  • Smart, Connected Everything

  • Visibility and Control over all Human and Machine Assets

  • Seamless Data Interoperability and Data Driven decision making

  • “Brain in the cloud” solving all your manufacturing woes

Industry 4.0 Reality

  • Critical mfg processes executed with analog tools or MSFT Office

  • limited / no process visibility

  • machine setup and maintenance complexity

  • Operators receive no guidance or feedback

  • Data silos inhibiting process optimization

  • Outdated legacy software

Download the White Paper “10 Steps You Can Take RIGHT NOW to Digitize Your Factory With Manufacturing Apps