3D Printed Cars Are Here | Additive Manufacturing Podcast

Welcome to the latest episode of the Additive Manufacturing Podcast! In this segment, our two 3D printing experts talk about a 3d printed car and a 3d printed bus. There was a lot of 3d printing news since our last episode. Watch the whole podcast here:


The Lamborghini Aventador is still a head-turner thanks to its wild styling. Physicist Sterling Backus likes it so much that he decided to 3D-print the mid-engined beast in his off time with the help of his son. They’ve been working on it for nearly one and a half years for about one hour a day, and so far $20,000 have been invested into bringing the “AXAS Interceptor” to life.


Local Motors, the Arizona-based automaker that crowdsources vehicle design, has introduced a 3D-printed, autonomous, electric shuttle bus that is partially recyclable called Olli. Local Motors says that it’s the first vehicle to use IBM Watson’s car-focused cognitive learning platform, Watson Internet of Things (IoT) for Automotive.