3d Printed Electronics – Triangular Tessellation 3D Models: Additive Manufacturing Podcast

Welcome to the second episode of the CADimensions Additive Manufacturing Podcast in front of our brand new Desktop Metal 3D Printer.

Here’s what we talked about on the show:

Nike’s 3D printed Elite shoe preparing for a wider release. They say it gives runners a 4% speed advantage within the first 2 hours of a race. The price ranges from $600-$1,200 which is much better than Adidas’ 3D printed shoe.


This one discusses a couple new patents apple recently received involving 3d printing. -Apple Patent for Triangular Tessellation 3D Models Granted:


-Apple Wins Patent for 3D Printing System with ARKit:


These discuss 3d printed electronics and some discoveries in that field

– 3D printed graphene scaffold offers highest-ever capacitance for a supercapacitor:


-Researchers 3D print custom-sized lithium-ion batteries:


And finally, I’d like to briefly mention that Thingiverse turned 10 this week, and quickly highlight what Thingiverse has done for 3d printing.

happy holidays

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