Bulletproof 3D Printed Body Armor Survived 19,028 FPS Projectiles! | Additive Manufacturing Podcast

Welcome to the latest episode of the Additive Manufacturing Podcast! There was a lot of 3d printing news since our last episode. Today, we talked about 3d printed bulletproof technology, a 3d printed Lamborghini and bus, and last but not least, 3D printed glass.

1:25 Researchers at Rice University are studying 3D printing plastic structures that mimic tubulanes — theoretical nanotube structures predicted to have extraordinary strength. The result has been very strong and very compressible structures that can actually resist bullets.

As an experiment, the researchers fired projectiles at 5.8 km/s at a block of plastic and at a block of simulated tubulanes. The structure of the tubulane block stopped the bullet at the second layer with no significant structural damage beyond the second layer. The reference block had a large hole and cracks throughout its volume.

**Send us an email if you have the file for this and would like us to test it**


11:07 Physicist And His Son Are 3D-Printing A Lamborghini Aventador The Lamborghini Aventador is still a head-turner thanks to its wild styling. Physicist Sterling Backus likes it so much that he decided to 3D-print the mid-engined beast in his off time with the help of his son. They’ve been working on it for nearly one and a half years for about one hour a day, and so far $20,000 have been invested into bringing the “AXAS Interceptor” to life.


12:23 Local Motors, the Arizona-based automaker that crowdsources vehicle design, has introduced a 3D-printed, autonomous, electric shuttle bus that is partially recyclable called Olli. Local Motors says that it’s the first vehicle to use IBM Watson’s car-focused cognitive learning platform, Watson Internet of Things (IoT) for Automotive.


23:50 The next winner of the 2019 Formnext start-up challenge is focused on 3D printing glass. The method and silica nanocomposite material developed have high optical transparency and the same mechanical strength and hardness of commercial fused silica glass. http://glassomer.com/

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