Coronavirus-Proof 3D Material & More | Additive Manufacturing Podcast

Topics for the Additive Manufacturing Podcast: What does the new MakerBot do? Could this new silver-lined material help prevent the Coronavirus? We’re actually changing our mind on 3d printed houses. The team gives their 2021 and 2030 3D printing predictions.

1:18 MakerBot Launches SKETCH Classroom To promote additive manufacturing by improving access to 3D Printing In Schools – MakerBot is launching a new 3D printer focused on education that aims to give students better access to 3D printers in the classroom.

5:20 Could this new material help prevent the Coronavirus? A research team has successfully printed 3D parts that are resistant to common bacteria.

11:20 A 3d printing company has completed the construction of a new building, claiming to be the world’s largest 3D printed home.

20:30 We give our takes on what 3d printing will look like in the next year and the 10 years.