If Artificial Intelligence Takes Over 3D Printing – Additive Manufacturing Podcast

Today we discussed the effects that AI will have on 3D printing and which will use it. We also talked about the international survey of 3D printer users and what we think those results really mean.


What AI Can do for 3D Printing:

“We’re really taking a giant leap and working on the future of manufacturing,” said Arman Sabbaghi, an assistant professor of statistics in Purdue’s College of Science, who led the research team at Purdue with support from the National Science Foundation. “We have developed automated machine learning technology to help improve additive manufacturing. This kind of innovation is heading on the path to essentially allowing anyone to be a manufacturer.” – Purdue University

Research Foundation News Sculpteo’s 4th annual report on 3D Printing and Digital Manufacturing

Every year, Sculpteo conducts a survey of over 1000 professionals from the 3D printing market. They all come from various industries that use additive manufacturing, from industrial goods to consumer goods, from aeronautics to healthcare. They asked them several questions regarding their use of 3D printing, and how it impacts their businesses.

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