Model Everything – Stop Making Blurry Images!

Content/Presentation: Jesse Sprague

Film/Edit/Animation: Jesse

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We’ve all had it happen. You want to use an image for a presentation or report and it looks awesome until you realize that it’s the wrong size, shape, or resolution to work. Make this problem a thing of the past by getting your settings right the first time!

Our Model Everything series was created from our passion for building 3D CAD models. Most of the members of the CADimensions Tech Team learned our skills by modeling anything and everything in sight. We think it’s a great way to learn! In this series, we’ll share modeling projects, step-by-step guides, and the efficiency tips we’ve found along the way! This series is designed to be an engaging place for us to share all things modeling related!

Check out my tech tip on using SW to save transparent backgrounds in screenshots here: