Smarter Engineering – SOLIDWORKS Composer Overview

At CADimensions, we believe that our most valuable asset is our knowledge and experience. The “Smarter Engineering” series gives you access to our combined years of experience in the industry. Here we’ll discuss the engineering problems we see on a regular basis and the solutions proven to resolve them.

Increasing efficiencies: 0:48

With SOLIDWORKS Composer the technical writer can utilize the 3D CAD model to create high-resolution images, animations, interactive content and much more. Composer has the functionality to manipulate the 3D CAD data without the need of SOLIDWORKS. Composer increases the efficiencies due to the ability to utilize the 3D CAD data and ease of use.

Increased customization: 1:55

With SOLIDWORKS Composer the writer is in control of the images they create. This means that the quality of the documentation is better because the writer can generate the image that perfectly demonstrates what they are trying to convey. This increases the customization of the documentation and there is no limit to what can be done.

Collaboration between departments: 2:07

Collaboration between departments is something you want, but, you don’t want your technical writer bothering the engineers for screenshots. Composer reduces the need to take up valuable engineering time simply getting a different angle on a screenshot or an additional exploded view. Composer increases the efficiency of the documentation because of this.

Automating production processes: 2:35

When a new revision is issued this creates a huge backlog of work for the documentation. Composer automates this process by automatically updating the project with the latest CAD revision. There is no need to go back and recreate all of our views or “screenshots”. This is a huge timesaving over the manual process and is more efficient than having to do all of this manually.

Communicating project requirements with customers: 3:00

Communicating project requirements with customers are the name of the game. Content like Animations and interactive documentation are additional ways to communicate with the end customer. Animations are easily created within Composer by utilizing the views already created for the static documentation. Interactive content has many additional features that are not available in static content. This increases the efficiency of the customers working on the product. At the end of the day, if the customer believes the instructions are clear and easy then they will come back for more.

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