Stress Test: How Much Can the Chain Lift?!

To see a more in-depth look at what this material can do compared to other materials view Part 2 of our Stress Test Video Here:

Today we are testing a new 3D printed FDM material, TPU. Our chain link was (individual link) 2” x 1.5” x 0.16”. The section that failed had an x-axis width of 0.20”.

The chain link took a little less than 3 hours to print. If you would like to test out our chain or buy the material click here:

About the Material:

FDM® TPU 92A is a thermoplastic polyurethane with a Shore A value of 92. The material exhibits high elongation, superior toughness, durability, and abrasion resistance.

FDM TPU 92A brings the benefits of elastomers to FDM 3D printing and offers the capability to quickly produce large and complex elastomer parts. Typical applications include flexible hoses, tubes, air ducts, seals, protective covers and vibration dampeners.

FDM TPU 92A is available on the F123™ Series 3D Printers and is compatible with QSR™ soluble support material.