Unboxing our Desktop Metal 3D Printer!

We finally have the best 3D printer of 2018, our Desktop Metal 3D Printer! It took a little longer than expected but the wait was worth it. There is something particularly satisfying about holding a metal 3D printed object and we couldn’t wait to have that luxury in our own office!

There weren’t too many hiccups while installing our new 3D Printer but the process wasn’t that difficult. The most difficult part was setting up the networking. Knowing the process now, we would have pre-arranged to have IT support on call while we were setting up. In our case, being cloud-based, caused the most confusion. It was honestly a breeze once IT was involved.

Is there anything in particular that you would like to see printed on this machine? Also, let us know if you need any custom prints. We would be happy to help!