Wire it up Using SOLIDWORKS Electrical and SOLIDWORKS PCB

What does SOLIDWORKS Electrical do?

SOLIDWORKS ELECTRICAL is a suite of solutions that enable collaboration between Electrical and Mechanical teams who may be designing power systems, User controls, safety systems Interconnected systems, PLC and harness design.

What does SOLIDWORKS PCB (Printed Circuit Board) do?

SOLIDWORKS PCB enables the productivity you need to design Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) quickly while enabling collaboration between electrical and 3D mechanical design teams. It offers a clear advantage where ECAD-MCAD collaboration is critical for the overall success of an electronic product design. Starting with a comprehensive library of symbols we will layout the schematic for the wiring of the PCB board designed in Solidworks PCB as a collaboration between the mechanical and electrical teams. The symbols can further become intelligent by selecting from a list of manufacturers data that then is used to annotate the symbol. This wiring example consists of a 4, 8 and 9 pin Molex connector wired with 2 spade connectors.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic and Electrical 3D, along with SOLIDWORKS PCB opens the doors between your team, catching mistakes early and keeping your costs down.

SOLIDWORKS PCB and SOLIDWORKS PCB Connector products are no longer available effective August 14, 2021