Why Pantone Validation is Huge for Stratasys 3D Printers

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Why Pantone Validation is Huge for Stratasys 3D Printers

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Stratasys recently became the first (and only) Pantone ® Validated 3D printing service provider. This means both the J750 and J735 printers can now 3D print in the Pantone-validated color palette. 1-Click validation of color matching allows designers to define print colors on products we use every day. This feature is available through a GrabCAD Print software upgrade at no cost to Stratasys J750 & J735 system owners.

What is Pantone and why is this a big deal for color 3D printing?

Pantone’s matching system, also known as PMS Color, provides a universal language for color to make sure 3d printer filament and resins are exactly what the designer ordered. It helps designers and manufacturers communicate the precise color needed for a product. Universal measurements are for more than time, distance, mass, and temperature. Having a universal language for color is nearly as critical. Like our previous article, products that are not to spec cost money and time.

Why Color Consistency is Important. Especially with a Multi-Color 3D Printer

Context-dependent memories: When people don’t remember things without their original context. This can happen when colors are incorrect. For example, the thumbnail of the video shows a customer abandoning a product for one with more consistent branding.

Pantone.com - Why Pantone Color Standards Are Important

Rapid Prototyping with Pantone Verification Is Awesome

A few years ago, I had to inspect a printed design that I created. I expected the prints to be exactly to spec because I had sent them the Pantone color swatches and codes. Unfortunately, I had to send it back because the blue was too light.

It turned out to be a calibration error and there wasn’t a problem in the next round of samples. Still, we lost time because they didn’t have good quality control measures, even though I sent them the color code and a sample of the exact color. The great thing about the J750 and J735 is that I know they are already calibrated properly. With a few simple quality control measures, everything sent to a client will be color perfect.

Hand-Painted Prototypes Take Too Long

Hand-painted prototypes are still the industry standard. Rapid prototyping along with precise color accuracy from a color 3d printer makes prototyping a single-step manufacturing process while reducing the time and money spent on each prototype.

I look forward to all the future design uses for Stratasys now that they have adopted such a popular color management standard.

Whether you’ve just heard of 3D printing, or have been using 3D printed parts for years, choosing the right technology and material for your part is critical to your project being a success.