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Making a Case for Finite Element Analysis

Written byMark Hoxie

Speaking as a salesperson that had to Google FEA to be sure he got the acronym right, pitching the purchase of a good finite element analysis pa...


DriveWorks 12 Just Released

Written byTom DiLaura

Last month I spent two days at DriveWorks World in Chicago. It was an opportunity to learn more about DriveWorks, as well as hear how DriveWorks...


Using Instant 3D in SOLIDWORKS

Written byDave Murray

There is a setting in SOLIDWORKS that changes the software’s behavior, and most new users aren’t even aware of this setting. It is called Instant...


Create Better Looking Simulation Plots

Written byFranco Rotoli

Everyone loves looking at pretty Simulation plots. Your models light up with blues and reds, and contort into funny shapes (hopefully not too mu...


New Wash Tank Offers Faster Post Processing

Written byPeter Montgomery

Additive manufacturing technology has been developing rapidly in the past few years. New progress, from the development of faster and larger pri...


Configuring Part Numbers for Paint and Materials

Written byKevin Holbrook

While meeting customers and prospects, I regularly hear that "we make products that can have different paint or material options, but I don't mo...


SOLIDWORKS Property Tab Builder

Written byTom DiLaura

I was helping out a customer this week, and I noticed that he was using a side panel on the Task Pane that I’ve completely forgotten over the ye...


BOM Part Numbers

Written byDave Murray

Ever wish you had a good way to control what appeared under the Part Number column in your Bill of Materials? Do you have a secondary or internal...


Customer Spotlight – Rick Braine from Power Drives, Inc.

Written byTom DiLaura

Every year at SOLIDWORKS World there is a competition between all Users and Resellers called Model Mania. It is a timed contest that has the des...

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