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CADimensions, Inc. is an authorized SOLIDWORKS and Stratasys reseller with certified training & support centers located in New York and Pennsylvania, USA. We are 100% focused on living a CADLIFE and have our vendor’s unconditional endorsement in the sales and support of their products.

Our mission is to put the proper engineering tools in the hands of our customers, so they may realize a shorter time to market and a reduction in design, manufacturing and overall operational costs. Each employee has a personal responsibility to produce quality work, provide prompt service, and promote CADimensions by exhibiting a great attitude. We are in business because of our customers. We value the opportunity to provide our products to them and we will always value the partnership we have with them.

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SOLIDWORKS Simulation: What is a Topology Study

As many people begin to upgrade to SOLIDWORKS 2018, they may notice a new study type called “Topology Study” in SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional and Simulation Premium.  Many Simulation Pro users have been waiting for this type of functionality for a long time, and finally with the release of SOLIDWORKS 2018, Topology Studies have been introduced.

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Sure Fire Tips to Help Your F123 Series 3D Printer Run Great

It has been about a year since we’ve talked about the Stratasys F-123 Series, and that’s a shame. Since the time new line of 3D printers was released, they’ve proven to be very popular with customers all over the world; selling the more units in its first year than any former product launched by Stratasys.

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New CADimensions Location in Philadelphia, PA

One of the big goals for CADimensions in 2017 was to bring our world class knowledge, service and training capabilities to Eastern Pennsylvania. We are thrilled to announce the establishment of our new office located in Devon PA, featuring an authorized training center. In this state of the art facility is the office of one

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Working Offline in PDM

The ability to work offline in PDM is a capability of the software that is widely overlooked. Have you ever had to take one of those long work trips or wanted to work from home while not being able to connect to the PDM server? The offline mode provides users the ability to work on

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SLA vs. PolyJet: What You Need to Know

Today we’re trying to answer a very important question that many people looking to get into 3D printing, or expand their 3D printing capabilities ask themselves: What 3D printer should I buy? Or in my experience, engineers and project managers are usually really looking for the answer to deeper questions: What 3D Printing technology is

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3 New Year’s Resolutions to Have for Your Business in 2018

The calendar has turned over, 2018 is here and you’re counting on newly approved budgets to drive some big orders and fill your pipeline for a healthy ramp up to Spring! Here are a couple of New Year’s Resolutions that you should keep in mind as you clean the slate, start fresh, and finally finish

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SOLIDWORKS and DriveWorks at RJ Watson Inc.

The Company RJ Watson Inc. is based in Alden, NY and focuses on developing structural engineering solutions for the heavy construction industry world-wide. The company delivers a diverse and custom range of products and services including high load multi-rotational bearings, seismic isolation devices, expansion joint systems, noise mitigation materials, and FRP strengthening products for highway

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New SOLIDWORKS Inspection 2018 Tool – Smart Extract

For years now SOLIDWORKS Inspection Standalone could only import PDF, Tiff and Inspection Project files.  Well, this is no longer the case with Inspection 2018.  With 2018 we now have a new tool called the Smart Extract. In the past, ballooning a PDF drawing within the Standalone version of Inspection was a huge timesaving’s over

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SOLIDWORKS 2018 – Smart Explode Lines

Have you ever been working on a complex assembly and created an exploded view, just to realize that you now have to perform the task of adding explode lines between each and every component? Dread no more, SOLIDWORKS 2018 has you covered! New to SOLIDWORKS 2018 is the Smart Explode Lines tool. This tool automatically

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Step Forward for Stratasys: GrabCAD Voxel Print Software and e-Xstream Partnership

At FormNext in Frankfurt, Germany last month, Stratasys announced two exciting developments: GrabCAD Voxel Print software for the J750, and a partnership with e-Xstream. Both announcements will add new capabilities to Stratasys’s existing 3D printing offerings, and offer exciting potential for the future of the technology. When designers create a mechanical component that will be

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