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We help the engineers of tomorrow get started today.

CADimensions prepares design & engineering pros to bring your vision to life. We do this through delivering exceptional engineering consulting, design services and additive manufacturing capabilities. We integrate the best hardware and software solutions for your needs and offer the training and support to get your engineering and design teams ready for a successful product development journey.

Why? Because tomorrow is designed today.

Our Mission

To enable innovation for the engineering and manufacturing community. 

Our Vision

Providing value-added experiences that empower people to impact the world. 

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Be part of the team helping our customers create best-in-class products.

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CADLIFE - The CADimensions Culture of Creativity

CADLife is all about the creator lifestyle. Here at CADimensions, we’re engineers, makers, creators and inventors dedicated to helping other creators realize their vision. For us, CADLife is more than just a concept - it’s a lifestyle. Check out this page to join the party.

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We’re proud of all the great clients we’ve had the pleasure of working with, and all the products we’ve brought to life that help people every day. But most of all… we’re proud of our incredible team. Visit this page and learn about the people who make CADimensions truly great.

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CADimensions doesn’t just talk-the-talk, we walk-the-walk. Visit our blog for a wealth of knowledge about CAD modeling techniques, 3D Printer unboxing videos, product demonstrations, engineering tips & tricks and much more! You’ll quickly learn about the depth of our expertise.