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CADimensions, Inc. is your local 3D printing, scanning, and designing partner. CADimensions is an authorized reseller of SOLIDWORKS, Stratasys, MakerBot, Desktop Metal, Boxx, and SMARTTECH 3D Scanners. We maintain certified training & support centers located throughout New York and Pennsylvania, USA. We are 100% focused on living a CADLIFE and have our vendor’s unconditional endorsement in the sales and support of their products.


A note from Pete DiLaura, President of CADimensions Inc.

CADimensions is a family owned business that has been helping the regional engineering and manufacturing communities for almost 30 years. We are in business to enable our customers to design and manufacture innovative products that positively impact the communities we live in and the world around us.

We take great pride in being considered a trusted advisor for many of our customers and we are so thankful to the many who have chosen to partner and grow with us over the years.

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How the MakerBot Method can Return the Company to Its Former Glory With the Help of Stratasys

The MakerBot Replicator 2X was the Best in its Class I fell in love with 3D printing with the MakerBot Replicator 2X. It was the first 3D printer I ever got to use and I was immediately hooked from day one. I love it so much I managed to convince my boss to let me

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SOLIDWORKS For Architecture

Is This Even A Thing? As a SOLIDWORKS user, you’re aware that SOLIDWORKS’ forte is mechanical design. Does that mean SOLIDWORKS can’t be used for architecture? No, it doesn’t. Let’s be clear, though. If you are drafting house plans for a living, you will find better tools on the market. But with that said, if

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Why the Industry is Transitioning to MBD from Drawings

When SOLIDWORKS came out in the mid to late 90’s 3D was considered to be just a fad.  Everyone worked in 2D and that was the staple of engineering programs.  Now, 20 years later 2D is a thing of the past (for most) and 3D is the king when discussing CAD.  Whenever I mention to

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What is the Strongest 3D Printer Filament?

We recently produced the second round of torture tests in our 3D printing materials torture test series to see which is the Strongest 3D Printer Filament. What started out as a spontaneous YouTube review video for a new Stratasys material has turned into something that we would love to try on our 3D printing materials

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Manually update SOLIDWORKS Toolbox after Upgrading

Have you upgraded to SOLIDWORKS 2019, but forgot to have SOLIDWORKS automatically update the toolbox? I’ll be going over exactly how to perform a manual update to the toolbox utilizing an adapter found within your SOLIDWORKS files that can do it all for you. Step 1: Make a copy of your existing Toolbox Let’s jump

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3 Biggest 3D Printing Trends of 2018

3D Printing is an exciting industry that saw a lot of development this year. From my perspective, metal 3D printing is exploding, materials are getting stronger, and processes are becoming faster and more precise. But, what were the biggest 3D printing trends of 2018? What were people around the world really excited about and searching

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Overcoming the 3 Big Barriers to Adopting a Data Management Solution

The idea of adopting a Data Management Solution seems to have a stigma of being cumbersome and overtly challenging. Most companies evaluating software to help manage their data, really share similar problems. As we present SOLIDWORKS PDM hundreds of times per year, these 3 come up almost every conversation. #1- “My data is in bad

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You’re Probably Wasting Time on FAI Reports

First article Inspection is a method of communicating the measurements from manufacturing to the drawing in order to verify if the manufactured part meets the tolerances.  This process is a collaborative effort between the supplier and purchaser.  FAI can also be called PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) depending on what industry you are in. When

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Additive Manufacturing Podcast – Replacement Parts, Medical, Air Quality, FormNext

Episode three of the CADimensions Additive Manufacturing Podcast is here! We’re talking about significant stories in the world of 3D printing from November. Companies are starting to 3D print replacement parts. The medical applications of 3D printing are expanding. People are afraid of nanoparticles, and 3D printing companies are starting to create products just for

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Additive Manufacturing Podcast: 3D Printed Electronics

Welcome to the second episode of the CADimensions Additive Manufacturing Podcast in front of our brand new Desktop Metal 3D Printer. Here’s what we talked about on the show:   Apple Patents Our discussion starts with a couple of new patents Apple recently received involving 3d printing using triangular tessellation and 3D printing system patents

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