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CADimensions, Inc. is an authorized SOLIDWORKS and Stratasys reseller with certified training & support centers located in New York and Pennsylvania, USA. We are 100% focused on living a CADLIFE and have our vendor’s unconditional endorsement in the sales and support of their products.

Our mission is to put the proper engineering tools in the hands of our customers, so they may realize a shorter time to market and a reduction in design, manufacturing and overall operational costs. Each employee has a personal responsibility to produce quality work, provide prompt service, and promote CADimensions by exhibiting a great attitude. We are in business because of our customers. We value the opportunity to provide our products to them and we will always value the partnership we have with them.

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3D Printing: The 3 Biggest Misconceptions

Like so many other groundbreaking ideas, there is a balancing act between understanding what the current technology is actually capable of doing and what is simply impossible with current market limitations. A challenge for the 3D printing industry is separating the myth from reality. Some misconceptions go beyond the current capabilities of additive manufacturing (AM)

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3D Printing Materials Cheat Sheet

3D printing materials are available in a wide variety of plastics, and choosing the right one depends what type of printer you are using and the application the finished piece will be used in, among other things. Our customers ask all the time, “what material should I be using?” And while we love an easy solution,

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Deactivate with the magic of the Activation Wizard

It’s an exciting day when you install SOLIDWORKS on your brand new computer.  But the day takes a dark toll when you realize you forgot to deactivate before uninstalling on your old computer.  Do you really have to download and install SOLIDWORKS on the old computer just to deactivate the license?  But that will take

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What to make of a 3D printed gun

Are 3D Printed Guns a Good Idea The debate surrounding the ethics of creating a 3D printed gun is one that is not likely to fade from the public eye any time soon. It’s much more likely that we’ll see this conversation get more and more heated as the legality of the available prints is

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Tool Room Headaches

The tool room tends to be an overlooked opportunity for improving operations. Here is one of my firsthand examples of one of my biggest headaches at my last company. Time efficient quality control was one of my biggest headaches at my last company. I had an order for 5,000 pcs. and it was a super

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Are tight timelines killing product marketing content?

We’ve all been there, a problem arises in the product design process and it’s the product marketing team that gets the short end of the stick, which results in poor marketing content.  Changing the content creation process can allow marketing to generate the images that will be the most impactful for the target audience.  Hopefully, this

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Are College Graduates Really Ready for the World of Tomorrow?

I was reading an article recently, and it asked the question, “Are college graduates ready for the jobs of tomorrow?”.  When I graduated, I wasn’t fully prepared for the pressures of the working world.  My assumption was that you went to college, graduated and started your career.  I never really thought to myself, “Am I

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Correcting Chaos with SOLIDWORKS and MakerBot

The story begins when I was working on a part in SOLIDWORKS Simulation with a coworker. He asked me to hand him his Flow Simulation book so that he could look up an application. I turned to his bookshelf to retrieve the book and collapsed in fear.  This is what I saw: It’s not my

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3D Printing Technology Takes Prosthetics to New Places

It seems like every week I see another story on where 3D printing was used to create prosthetics. The most recent was a foundation’s effort to test them in remote areas of Madagascar and Togo, where their seclusion makes it difficult to access appropriate prosthetics for amputees (1). However, 3D printing has a bit of

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5 Steps to Kickstart Product Innovation

Webster’s dictionary defines innovation as the introduction of something new: a new idea, method, or device. As the rates of product innovation have changed in many market segments, innovating products and processes should be getting more attention. According to the National Science Foundation in their business and Innovation Survey, U.S business has been flat but

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