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CADimensions, Inc. is your local 3D printing, scanning, and designing partner. CADimensions is an authorized reseller of SOLIDWORKS, Stratasys, MakerBot, Desktop Metal, Boxx, and SMARTTECH 3D Scanners. We maintain certified training & support centers located throughout New York and Pennsylvania, USA. We are 100% focused on living a CADLIFE and have our vendor’s unconditional endorsement in the sales and support of their products.


A note from Pete DiLaura, President of CADimensions Inc.

CADimensions is a family owned business that has been helping the regional engineering and manufacturing communities for almost 30 years. We are in business to enable our customers to design and manufacture innovative products that positively impact the communities we live in and the world around us.

We take great pride in being considered a trusted advisor for many of our customers and we are so thankful to the many who have chosen to partner and grow with us over the years.

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Why Stratasys Being Pantone Verified is a Big Deal

Stratasys recently became the first (and only) Pantone ® Validated 3D printing solutions provider. Which means both the J750 and J735 printers can now print in Pantone Validated colors. 1-Click validation of colors matching allows designers to define print colors on products we use every day. This feature is available through a GrabCAD Print software

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V650 Flex: The Solution to Unreliability in SLA 3D Printing

A surprise to just about everyone in the 3D printing industry, Stratasys announced their own internally developed and commercially available SLA (Stereolithography) 3D Printer. Stratasys has always been a known leader in the Polyjet and FDM field, so the addition of the V650 Flex SLA printer is an expansion into a new technology market. Why

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Does the New Stratasys F120 Produce Reliable 3D Printing without Breaking the Bank?

If you thought that Stratasys FDM print quality was out of your budget, look again. The newest member of the F123 Series of printers, the F120, raises the bar for ease of use and overall quality for businesses of all sizes. The F120 was designed as an entry-level system for operations that are inexperienced or

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SOLIDWORKS PDM Solves Big a Problem: Searching for Data

Your Workday Without SOLIDWORKS PDM It happens every day. As we are engaged in our daily activities we need to create or reference documents that are stored in various methods and locations throughout the business. We set off to find the information not thinking about how much effort it might take. No matter how much

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Top 5 Reasons Cloud-Based Businesses are the Future

I can think of countless times I was told “get your head out of the clouds”, it was always meant to get me refocused and on track. But getting your business on track in the information age should have you considering going the other way. Cloud adoption is inevitable and required to catapult your business

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Reverse Engineering in the Dental Industry – No Teeth Pulling Required

You may have heard that the dental industry is one of the largest users of 3D printing in the world. Mass customization of aligners and other dental tools have made adoption of the technology a huge financial win. My dentist, who also happens to be my dad, had a different 3D printing request. A clamp

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Create Clean Images for the SOLIDWORKS Composer Image Library

1. The Glitch – Distracting White Background on Custom Library Images The image library in SOLIDWORKS Composer is a great way to quickly and easily prompt the viewer to take some action. We have convenient icons that indicate that the user may need to take caution, apply glue, or use safety equipment. But are we

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How to Create a Site Plan: SOLIDWORKS for Architecture Part 2

Design a Building in SOLIDWORKS: How to Show Supporting Infrastructure, Import Topography, set the Perimeter, and create planes, contour lines and surfaces. Creating The Job Sight In the first part of this series, we explored using SOLIDWORKS to design buildings such as a shed, barn or house. In this article, we will explore creating the

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Can 3D scanning be used to analyze plastic deformation?

When so much force is applied to a part that it permanently bends or changes shape, that part has undergone plastic deformation. At a basic level, it is easy to look at a part and recognize that it has changed shape. Figuring out exactly how the part changed shape is a much bigger challenge. If

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How the MakerBot Method can Return the Company to Its Former Glory With the Help of Stratasys

The MakerBot Replicator 2X was the Best in its Class I fell in love with 3D printing with the MakerBot Replicator 2X. It was the first 3D printer I ever got to use and I was immediately hooked from day one. I love it so much I managed to convince my boss to let me

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