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CADimensions, Inc. is your local 3D printing, scanning, and designing partner. CADimensions is an authorized reseller of SOLIDWORKS, Stratasys, MakerBot, Desktop Metal, Boxx, and SMARTTECH 3D Scanners. We maintain certified training & support centers located throughout New York and Pennsylvania, USA. We are 100% focused on living a CADLIFE and have our vendor’s unconditional endorsement in the sales and support of their products.


A note from Pete DiLaura, President of CADimensions Inc.

CADimensions is a family owned business that has been helping the regional engineering and manufacturing communities for almost 30 years. We are in business to enable our customers to design and manufacture innovative products that positively impact the communities we live in and the world around us.

We take great pride in being considered a trusted advisor for many of our customers and we are so thankful to the many who have chosen to partner and grow with us over the years.

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How to Use SOLIDWORKS Draft and Wrap Features to Improve your Designs in 5 Steps

Solidworks is an amazing design tool that allows users to create very complex models. However, sometimes it’s difficult to add simple features when working with unique geometry. If geometry starts to get complicated I always go to the powerful surfacing tools in Solidworks to help me capture my design ideas. One particular example of when

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CADimensions Inc. and Unitec Inc, both family-owned businesses, have reached an agreement to join forces.

Syracuse, NY August 6, 2019. CADimensions Inc. announced today that it has acquired the assets of Unitec. Inc. This merger will give CADimensions the ability to serve the entire North East territory with Dassault Systems 3D Experience and SOLIDWORKS engineering software solutions. “CADimensions and Peter have been friends and allies with Unitec for many years. 

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Improving Quality Control with 3D Scanning

Solving Problems with Traditional Quality Control Quality control is the most vital part of your manufacturing facility. Over 85% of manufacturers said it’s the number one thing they want to improve in their facilities. Quality drives the success of the business and grows its reputation by ensuring that customers only receive parts they want. Let’s

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How SMARTTECH3D Scanning Enables Porcelain Factory Mass Produce Art

New 3D technologies, like SMARTTECH3D scanning, are vital in many industries, departments, and fields all over the world. These technological advancements are popping up everywhere; our homes, at work, and even our commute. But, we’re not always aware of how important these innovations are in the creation of products that we use every day. When

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CAM Software Vs Manual Input – Why CAM Wins

With so Many Advantages to Using CAM Software, Why do Some Still Program CNC by Hand? The typical response when we ask that question is “That’s just how we’ve always done it.” I fail to understand why companies are still programming by hand due to the limitations and problems associated with it. We will be

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3 Simple Ways to Guide your Kids into Engineering

Your KIDS Are the FUTURE of Engineering The other day I happened to be watching a video on my cell phone from Destin Sandlin on his “SmarterEveryDay” YouTube channel and my 9-year-old daughter sat next to me. She was instantly ingrained in watching them hit a golf ball at 500 mph to see at which

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3D Printing Fixtures with High-Performance Materials

If you manufacture parts or products, chances are your biggest problem is attracting and retaining a quality workforce. Machinists and tool and die makers are exceptionally hard to hire, as more people pursue universities instead of a trade school. This blog will explain how 3D printing fixtures ease skilled labor shortage pains. In our current

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How to Make Stunning 3D Prints with 3D Texture in SOLIDWORKS 2019

Since SOLIDWORKS 2019 came out, I have been obsessed with the 3D texture function. 3D texturing has been used in more art-focused 3D modeling programs like Maya or 3DS Max for a long time, but never before in a mechanically-focused program like I’m used to. Sometimes this function is referred to as “displacement mapping”. I

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Changes to DraftSight 2019

Unless you have been living under a rock for the better part of a decade, SOLIDWORKS (and Dassault Systemes) have been offering an amazing 2D CAD product, FOR FREE. DraftSight has been around since February 2011. The idea was to allow customers to free up monies that were typically allocated to maintaining legacy AutoCAD, so

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3 Reasons Metal Prototyping Today Isn’t Working

People have been making things for a long time. As the Industrial Revolution progressed, the status quo for manufacturing and metal prototyping became subtractive manufacturing. Like the common three-axis mills and lathes, these machines can be manually operated or driven by computer systems and motors. Though simple in function, these cutting tools have shaped the

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