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CADimensions, Inc. is your local 3D printing, scanning, and designing partner. CADimensions is an authorized reseller of SOLIDWORKS, Stratasys, MakerBot, Desktop Metal, Boxx, and SMARTTECH 3D Scanners. We maintain certified training & support centers located throughout New York and Pennsylvania, USA. We are 100% focused on living a CADLIFE and have our vendor’s unconditional endorsement in the sales and support of their products.


A note from Pete DiLaura, President of CADimensions Inc.

CADimensions is a family owned business that has been helping the regional engineering and manufacturing communities for almost 30 years. We are in business to enable our customers to design and manufacture innovative products that positively impact the communities we live in and the world around us.

We take great pride in being considered a trusted advisor for many of our customers and we are so thankful to the many who have chosen to partner and grow with us over the years.

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Is FDM TPU One of the Strongest 3D Printer Filaments?

Stratasys just released one of the strongest 3D printer filaments that I have had the opportunity to interact with. FDM TPU 92A has the ability to drastically stretch and compress while keeping its shape and has impressive tear resistance. The elastomer is designed to meet the needs of manufacturers requiring high part elongation, superior toughness, and

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5 Ways Design Validation Will Save Money

Designers and engineers today face different challenges than did their counterparts from even 10 years ago. Even the term “design validation” has a completely different meaning. One of the biggest questions in today’s design process revolves around prototypes. Companies today have to wait on physical models to be created before they can test for failures.

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How to Automatically Add Explode Lines for Each Component

Have you ever been working on a complex assembly and created an exploded view, just to realize that you now have to perform the task of adding explode lines between each and every component? Dread no more, SOLIDWORKS 2018 has you covered! New to SOLIDWORKS 2018 is the Smart Explode Lines tool. This tool automatically

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Additive Manufacturing Podcast Episode One

Welcome to the first CADimensions Additive Manufacturing Podcast! The topics covered in this episode were Metal 3D Printing, Military 3D Printing Uses, and LCD masked DLP Printers. Show Prep: HP’s New 3D Printers Build Items not of Plastic but of Steel Introducing Original Prusa SL1 – Open Source SLA 3D Printer  Marines 3D-print concrete barracks

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Is there a SOLIDWORKS for Mac?

There is one question that we probably get 1-2 times per day in the CADimensions offices, which is, “Is there a SOLIDWORKS for Mac?” We would like to start with a disclaimer. There are obviously arguments to be made for both sides of this debate which is nothing that we intend to settle here. The

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SOLIDWORKS 2019 Preview: Smarter Engineering Podcast Episode 1

In our first PODCAST episode, we discussed what’s new for SOLIDWORKS 2019 as well as our upcoming events! Catch the first glimpse of a few of the exciting new tools are coming your way! For more info on our launch events: SOLIDWORKS 2019 Launch Events At CADimensions, we believe that our most valuable asset is

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A More Efficient Modeling Process

As the world demands products to be designed faster, companies are always looking to find ways to create a more efficient modeling process. There is one overlooked and super simple trick in SOLIDWORKS that can help meet these demands: Custom Templates. Custom Templates In SOLIDWORKS you have the ability to create custom templates for all

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3D Printing or CNC – 3 Factors to Make the Best Choice

3D Printing or CNC? 3D Printing and CNC machines both create three-dimensional objects, but which one should you choose? The answer may not be as simple as you expect, especially if you have used a CNC machine for decades. If you move a little bit outside your comfort zone, you could discover the best tool

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3D Printing: The 3 Biggest Misconceptions

Like so many other groundbreaking ideas, there is a balancing act between understanding what the current technology is actually capable of doing and what is simply impossible with current market limitations. A challenge for the 3D printing industry is separating the myth from reality. Some misconceptions go beyond the current capabilities of additive manufacturing (AM)

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3D Printing Materials Cheat Sheet

3D printing materials are available in a wide variety of plastics, and choosing the right one depends what type of printer you are using and the application the finished piece will be used in, among other things. Our customers ask all the time, “what material should I be using?” And while we love an easy solution,

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