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In today’s competitive job market, students need every advantage they can get. We give educators the tools they need to teach complicated subject matter in a way that’s easy to understand, tactile, and practical. The industry leaders of tomorrow learn with SOLIDWORKS, Stratasys, and CADimensions. 

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Education Hardware

3D printing in the classroom is a great way to introduce or reinforce critical engineering concepts. We’ve compiled some great resources to make it even easier to build lessons, use the machines, and apply for funding. 

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Education Software

SOLIDWORKS and 3DEXPERIENCE for Educators bring commercial capabilities to the classroom. The full suite of powerful CAD tools is at your fingertips and we’re here to help every step of the way. We’ve listed several handy resources for teachers looking to expand their engineering programs to include SOLIDWORKS. 

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3D Printing Teacher Resources

Educators Guidebook

From MakerBot comes the definitive guide for 3D printing in the classroom. Written in partnership with Thingverse, the projects in here are just the beginning. MakerBot is devoted to the educator community with a focus on machines that are easy to operate, and maintain.



3D Printing for Colleges & Universities

Educators across the country are rushing to implement 3D printing into their curricula and classrooms. This white paper from Stratasys goes over the 5 Best Practices that colleges & universities can apply to bring 3D printing into the classroom.



Secure Funding for your 3D Printer

Budgets are always stretched thin and teachers are called on to do more than ever. So how in the world will you be able to get a 3D printer? This white paper has proven tactics that can help you secure funding for this game-changing technology.



MakerBot Certification for Students

Give middle and high-school students a proven edge with design thinking skills and hands-on 3D printing training. The MakerBot Certification Program for Students truly empowers students with 21st-century career skills and helps set a foundation for measuring STEM proficiency.


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CAD SOFTWARE Teacher Resources

3DEXPERIENCE for Educators

The cloud has come to CAD modeling and the 3DEXPERIENCE is your solution to virtual education. The heart of the 3DEXPERIENCE is collaboration, which naturally makes it a great environment for a virtual classroom. Read this eBook from SOLIDWORKS and see how you can prepare the workforce of tomorrow.



SOLIDWORKS Education Program

CAD professionals don’t just design in today’s dynamic job market. They also test, innovate, visualize, and collaborate to bring new ideas to market and advance their own careers. The SOLIDWORKS Education Program offers students access to interactive, hands-on software that helps them learn critical lessons in design and engineering.



Certifications Set Students Up For Success

The SOLIDWORKS Education Program offers complimentary certification vouchers for students and educators to demonstrate their proficiency. Students with as little as 1-2 years of experience who can demonstrate advanced knowledge of engineering and SOLIDWORKS can find good opportunities as certified users.



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