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Amy Peterson is a Technical Trainer with over 13 years of design and engineering experience, known for her innovative contributions that have earned her 5 U.S. Utility patents. She has a keen interest in teaching and problem-solving through unconventional uses of software.

Outside of her professional life, Amy is passionate about the outdoors, creative projects, and has a notable collection of over 500 lbs of rocks from creek walking. She dreams of creating an Anti-Gravity backpack for her adventures and advocates for designs that positively impact people and the planet.

Software I Excell In:

  • SOLIDWORKS, VISUALIZE, Adobe Creative Suite
  • Experience in market research, brainstorming, conceptual development, engineering and prototyping
  • I enjoy teaching and sharing my favorite aha! moments in SOLIDWORKS

“I have a personal commitment to creating solutions that have a meaningful impact on people and the planet. Whether that involves reducing waste, making products more efficient, or helping people in general.”

Dream Project

Anti-Gravity backpack that can haul all my rocks for me on my adventures!


BFA of Fine Arts in Industrial Design

Current Role

Technical Trainer

Fashion Statement

A jacket with lots of pockets, (you never know what treasures you might find)

Check Out MY Portfolio

Solidworks PDM electrical PDF view

Idea to Invention: The Roadmap To Success

Inventing and designing a new product idea can be both an exciting and daunting process.

Solidworks Manage

New Training Offering: Intro to SOLIDWORKS

Let’s familiarize you with the user interface, customization options, and basic sketching and modeling techniques.

Solidworks PDM electrical PDF view

Lunch and Learn: Design the Perfect Garden Bed Layout in SOLIDWORKS

Whether it’s a room in a building or a layout of an specific area, you can model it in SOLIDWORKS. Join me in designing an outdoor garden space and the associated drawing.

Solidworks Manage

Lunch & Learn: The Basics of Surface Modeling & Why to Use It

Learn the basics of surface modeling, and how it can be used to create complex forms with a different approach to solid modeling.

SOLIDWORKS For Architecture Part 1 CADimensions

Challenges An Industrial Designer Faces & How to Avoid Them

Sometimes when people hear “Industrial Design,” they might not exactly know what it entails.

Solidworks Manage

It’s Party Time! Using SOLIDWORKS To Layout An Event

Making a floorplan and accurate layout doesn’t have to be just for architects, with a little help from SOLIDWORKS.

SOLIDWORKS For Architecture Part 1 CADimensions

Tips to Designing Parts to be Easily Modifiable

There are usually several iterations of a product, especially during the research and development phase.

Solidworks Manage

Using SOLIDWORKS & 3D Printers for Everyday Home Projects

3D printing has become popular in recent years, and many people now have 3D printers right in their own home.

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