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Matt Corcoran is a dedicated Sr. Additive Manufacturing Application Engineer based in New York, with a deep focus on 3D Printing, 3D Scanning, Reverse Engineering, and comprehensive Additive Machine and Application Training.

Matt finds joy in solving customer problems, driven by a passion for the transformative impact of additive manufacturing. A fun fact about him: he owns two 3D printers at home, reflecting his personal dedication to the field.

With two years of experience at CADimensions, he excels in utilizing tools like Stratasys, SMARTTECH3D, and Solidworks to deliver innovative additive solutions to businesses.

Services I Excel In:

  • 3D Printing
  • 3D Scanning and Reverse Engineering
  • Additive Machine and Application Training

“I enjoy working at CADimensions because solving our customers problems with innovative solutions brings me joy every day.”



BS, Mechanical Engineering

Current Role

Sr. Additive Manufacturing Application Engineer

Check Out MY Portfolio

Solidworks PDM electrical PDF view

The Evolution Of Design For Additive Manufacturing

Learn how to leverage its myriad benefits of the progressive world of additive manufacturing.

Solidworks Manage

FDM Techniques For Additive Manufacturing

Advancing Additive Manufacturing: Embrace Cutting-Edge FDM Strategies for Diverse Design Solutions.

Solidworks PDM electrical PDF view

SAF Technology - What it is and It's Benefits to Your Business

During this webinar, we will discuss the advancements in additive manufacturing for high-volume production using the Stratasys H350 and their powder-bed fusion technology, SAF.

Solidworks Manage

Exploring Stratasys Latest FDM Innovation - On-Demand Webinar

Led by our Senior Additive Application Engineer, Matt Corcoran, this exclusive webinar invites you to explore the cutting-edge features and capabilities of the F3300 in-depth.

SOLIDWORKS For Architecture Part 1 CADimensions

Stratasys F3300 - The Next Generation of FDM

Introducing the Stratasys F3300, the next generation of FDM® technology from the world leader in industrial Additive.

Solidworks Manage

Additive Manufacturing is Critical to OEM Success

When it comes to the production of industrial equipment, one size most certainly won’t fit all.

SOLIDWORKS For Architecture Part 1 CADimensions

FDM 3D Printing Materials Cheat Sheet

We’ve compiled this 3D Printing Materials Cheat Sheet to help you understand which material might be the best suited for your needs.

Solidworks Manage

The H350: The First SAF™ 3D Printer By Stratasys

Powder bed fusion is a type of additive manufacturing that fuses polymer particles layer by layer to produce the final part.

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