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Nate is an engineer with over 20 years of experience in design, training SOLIDWORKS, engineering automation and engineering management. He has worked in several industries including machine design, industrial equipment, consumer products, medical devices and engineering services. In his free time, he plays & coaches soccer, is an avid Chicago Bears fan and loves the old Charleston, SC charm where he lives. Every Halloween he designs and builds new haunting creations.

Services I Specialize In:

  • Design automation projects with DriveWorks
  • 3D modeling and drafting
  • Animations or videos
  • Assembly instructions with SolidWorks Composer
  • CAD/PDM Administration

“Winning is not everything, but it sure feels a lot better when you do!”

Nate Andrews

Dream Project

A homemade animatronic skeleton guy to add to my Halloween haunt.


Rochester Institute of Technology BS, Mechanical Engineering Technology

Current Role

PDM Product Manager

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Solidworks PDM electrical PDF view

3DEXPERIENCE Security And Privacy On The Platform

While evaluating systems in which to hold your data, security needs to be kept at the forefront and the 3DEXPERIENCE platform is no different.

Solidworks Manage

Can Data Management be Considered “Scary”?

We will discuss some of the challenges and questions in implementing a data management system and how to overcome those challenges with our years of experience.

Solidworks PDM electrical PDF view

Upgrading PDM: Avoid These 3 Biggest Issues for Administrators

At CADimensions, we help many of our customers in upgrading PDM in SOLIDWORKS software every year. There are plenty of situations to look out for based on your system setup and we will discuss a few of those here.

Solidworks Manage

[Video] How To Create A Lithophane In SOLIDWORKS And 3D Print It

In this webinar, we will demonstrate how to create a lithophane in SOLIDWORKS and 3D print an example.

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Nate Andrews