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Wefore starting at CADImensions, Scott worked in industries doing tool design, CNC machining, programming PLCs, LabView development, and facility design. Scott is currently the senior level consultant for CADimensions. Over the years, Scott has done everything from software demonstrations, technical support, custom training, marketing, project management, and probably cleaned a toilet or two.

Enough talk about his resume’. Who is Scott really? He like long walks along the canal, moonlit skies, and Pinot Grigio wine. It’s true! He really does like those things. Seriously, Scott enjoys spending time with his family, woodworking, house improvement projects, programming, and auto racing. His true passion is a video game called Destiny. As of this moment while writing this, he has 4245 hours of playing time.

Services I Specialize In:

  • SOLIDWORKS PDM Implementation
  • Server Moves
  • Software Updates
  • Data Migration, Cleanup, & Recovery
  • Custom SOLIDWORKS Solutions
  • System Improvements With Various APIs
  • Training

“Confucious say, man who stands on toilet is high on pot.”

Training Classes:

  • SOLIDWORKS PDM Administration

  • Custom User Training


  • SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM User SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM Administrator
  • SOLIDWORKS API E. File Management
  • Custom API classes


Nate Andrews

Dream Project

If I had the time and resources, I would have always wanted to convert a Volkswagen Karmann Ghia to an electric motor.


Rochester Institute of Technology BS, MOS,  Computer Integrated Manufacturing

Current Role

Implementation Consultant

Notable Clients

Harmac, CR Bard, Crystal IS, Corning, Regeneron, Angio Dynamics, Davis Standard, Northop Grumman, Columbus McKinnon, Kennedy Valve, Green Machine

Fashion Statement

PDM Product Manager

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Solidworks PDM electrical PDF view

How to Create a SOLIDWORKS PDM Admin Workflow Loop

The reader should consider this a detailed approach to handling administrative changes. There are simpler solutions for the same functionality, but this article is focused on the key concepts.

Solidworks Manage

How to Link Model Properties to Drawing File Data Card

The administrator will learn how to link property values from the SOLIDWORKS model to the controls on the SOLIDWORKS drawing file data card. The details apply only to clients with PDM CAD Editor License types.

Solidworks PDM electrical PDF view

Upgrading PDM: Avoid These 3 Biggest Issues for Administrators

The information below details how to insert SOLIDWORKS system-defined properties (SW-File Name, SW-Author, etc.) to the associated file data card within SOLIDWORKS PDM.

Solidworks Manage

What are Drawing Property Links?

This SOLIDWORKS PDM blog is the first in a three-part series. Part 1 will highlight the fundamental differences between each type of property link.

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Nate Andrews