F123 CR Series

Unleash the power of composite printing with CADimensions’ latest offering, the Stratasys F123 CR Series. Tailored for robust and versatile manufacturing, this series includes the advanced F370 CR and F190 CR models. These printers are designed to handle a wide range of composite materials, including carbon fiber-reinforced filament, expanding your prototyping capabilities. With enhanced build sizes and material versatility, the F123 CR Series sets a new standard in FDM technology.

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Unleashing the Power of Composite 3D Printing

High-Strength Composite Printing

The F123 CR Series printers, including F190CR and F370CR, offer the ability to create parts with remarkable strength and rigidity, perfect for demanding tooling applications.

Accelerated Production with Composite Materials

Utilize ABS-CF10 and FDM® Nylon-CF10, both reinforced with 10% chopped carbon fiber, to produce lightweight yet robust jigs, fixtures, and manufacturing aids.

Innovative Design Flexibility

With soluble support material and four-layer resolution options, the F123 CR Series printers enable complex geometries unachievable by conventional machining.

Material Flexibility

From high-strength composites to a variety of engineering thermoplastics, the F123 CR Series caters to a broad spectrum of applications, ensuring your manufacturing needs are always met.

Consistent Performance

Built on the reliable F123 Series platform, these printers boast a 99% uptime and dimensional repeatability, ensuring your production stays on schedule.

User-Friendly Operation

With its small footprint, the J5 MediJet is a perfect fit for any lab space, offering on-demand printing capabilities for medical professionals and educators.

Stratasys F123 CR Series OPTIONS

F190 CR FDM Printer

The F190 CR extends your printing possibilities with its advanced material compatibility, including specialized composite filaments. It’s ideal for intricate, high-strength prototypes and parts.

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F370 CR FDM Printer

The F370 CR elevates your manufacturing process with a larger build size and the capacity to print with a variety of composite materials, perfect for demanding applications.

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Discover the Strength of F123 CR Series Printers

Explore the advanced capabilities of the Stratasys F123 CR Series for robust and efficient 3D printing. Ideal for a range of applications, from rapid prototyping to precise tooling, these printers offer versatility and high-quality results. Discover how they can streamline your production process.

See MediJet in Action: A Case Study

Advanced Strength, Precision & Versatility: The Stratasys F123CR Series

The Stratasys F123CR Series excels in applications that demand parts with superior strength and rigidity, ideal for tooling applications where lightweight yet strong polymer jigs and fixtures can replace metal tools, reducing lead times.

Embrace the power of high-strength composite 3D printing for fast, iterative functional prototyping.

Carbon fiber materials enable the creation of rigid 3D printed jigs, fixtures, and manufacturing aids as alternatives to machined metal.

This series also supports the production of industrial-grade, low-volume components and end-use parts with robust mechanical properties.