Fortus 900 mc

The Fortus 900mc is built specifically for manufacturing and heavy industries, where you plan and work big. With the largest build size of any Fortus system, it’s designed to handle the most demanding manufacturing needs. Get faster build time for large parts by adding the Fortus 900mc ‘Acceleration Kit’ to your printing system and scale up production quickly. 

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Industrial Applications

Get accurate prints, repeatable results and reliable performance, from the overachiever in FDM industrial 3D printers. Manufacturing leaders in virtually every industry trust the F900 for consistent uptime, dependable output and data security.

For a large-scale 3D printer, the F900 offers unmatched material versatility, supporting 16 FDM materials that encompass standard, engineering and high-performance thermoplastics. ABS and ASA plastics reliably cover a broad range of general applications. High-performance materials that include carbon fiber nylon, PEKK and PEI polymers offer the physical and mechanical properties for more demanding use cases.

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Capitalize on the F900’s generous build volume to prototype large parts in a single print, avoiding the higher cost and lead times associated with traditional prototyping methods. A wide range of material options provides the capability for both conceptual and functional prototyping.

Manufacturing Tooling

Replace heavy metal jigs, fixtures and manufacturing aids with lighter tools made from strong, durable thermoplastics. The F900 can quickly produce large tooling fixtures to minimize production downtime due to damaged tools or to quickly validate new production tooling.

Production Parts

Meet production goals faster with 3D printed end-use parts for low-volume orders, obsolete parts or as a bridge to full production. The F900’s large build volume 3D printer capacity accommodates large batches of small parts or big parts that can be made in a single piece, consolidating multi-part assemblies.