h350 SAF Printer

The SAF™ powered H350 powder bed fusion 3D printer controls production and costs. Grow your business through high-volume 3D printing and consistent end-use functional parts.

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Built for demanding industries

Additive manufacturing has seen growth in demand for products with pandemic-proof supply chains, shorter design-to-part cycles and reduced-spare-part inventory. Commercial equipment, consumer goods, automotive and transportation are some of the industries demanding equipment that can fulfill their production needs. The H350 powder-based 3D printer is the additive manufacturing solution with the control that customers need to deliver the consistency, accuracy and competitive cost that these markets demand.

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A high-volume 3D printer that produces engineering-grade parts

Due to innovative and uniform thermal control, SAF technology achieves builds with precise geometric accuracy and strong mechanical capabilities. Each production-grade part, ranging from bulky to complex, maintains repeatability and consistency. Additionally, High Yield PA11 polymer powder accomplishes parts that are impact resistant and durable.

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