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CAMWorks Premium is the best integrated CNC programming solution for SOLIDWORKS available. Premium combines feature and knowledge-based machining with a full suite of advanced multi-axis simultaneous milling capabilities and advanced turning and mill-turn capabilities into a single integrated and easy-to-use system.

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Advanced Smart Manufacturing Through Integrated CAM Software

  • 3 - 5 axis milling
  • Advanced turning and mill-turn
  • VoluMill 2.5 axis high-speed
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Advanced turning and mill-turn capabilities including support for turning canned cycles, C, Y & B axis machining at compound angles, and both fixed & free C axis rotary milling on the face and OD of parts.

3-5 Axis Milling

State of the art 3 through 5 axis simultaneous milling with full tool axis control and multi-layered gouge correction


VoluMill 2.5 axis ultra high-speed machining for rough milling operations.

Dual turret & sub-spindle

Dual turret and sub-spindle support for 2 & 4 axis turning centers and up to 11 axis mill-turn centers

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Camworks Standard

CAMWorks Standard

The perfect integrated CNC programming solution for SOLIDWORKS: Combines feature- and knowledge-based machining, assembly machining, 4- & 5- axis indexing, advanced rotary milling, and full sub-spindle support for turning.

CAMWorks turning hero

CAMWorks Turning Professional

The ultimate turning and mill-turn CNC programming solution: Combines feature- and knowledge-based machining with a full suite of advanced turning and mill-turn capabilities.