SMAP 3D Isometric

The third element of the typical process chain in plant construction is isometric drawings. The iso is a technical drawing in the form of an isometric representation for the production of pipelines. This type of drawing shows the pipeline NOT to scale and simplified with all contents and all dimensions in length, width and height, with the major axes of these three dimensions intersecting at the angle of 60°.

Our Plant Design solution is easy to install and operate. It is much less expensive than the traditional planning systems. We close the gap between plant, equipment and machine construction.

Isometrics can easily be generated leveraging the Isogen® technology from ALIAS (Intergraph). For the creation of piping isometrics we offer the integrated solution Smap3D Isometric for Autodesk Inventor, Solid Edge® and SOLIDWORKS®.

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In one single package, this database driven stand-alone software provides the user with all the relevant charts, diagrams, drafts, design checks and reports. Frequent and repetitive tasks are automated and simplified with Smap3D P&ID. All drawing sheets, project sheets and report templates are 100% customizable.

SMAP 3D Piping

Smap3D Piping works as an add-in to the supported CAD systems. The program automates the planning and modification of 3D piping in 3D assemblies. A task that would otherwise have to be done manually by a designer or piping planner in multiple labor intensive steps with made possible with the use of pipe specifications.