3DExperience Domains

Governance & Management

To Meet The Increasing Demands Of Higher Quality, Lower Cost, And Shorter Product Cycles, 3DEXPERIENCE WORKS Provides A Proven Cross-Industry Backbone For Your Every Product Development Need.

Collaboration and governance tools provide efficient and reliable processes to involve the right people at the right time, regardless if they are part of your company or are suppliers or customers. The design work from your favorite CAD is seamlessly integrated and execution of projects with elaborate dependencies across multiple teams has never been easier.

All of this is achieved on a single platform where all functions operate on the same data without barriers or translation.


Improving productivity with more efficient ways to find, examine and reuse intellectual property significantly reducing design time.


Collaborating more effectively, helping to foster innovation that results in better products and higher sales.


Reducing complexity, improving business agility by making the 3DEXPERIENCE platform your one stop shop for managing CAD and non-CAD data.


Validating products virtually, reducing the cost of physical prototypes and improving time to market.

Unified Platform

Keeping your current CAD system, protecting your investment while leveraging the power of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to connect your enterprise.

3DX Governance & Management Roles

Collaborative Business Innovator


Collaborative Industry Innovator


Lean Team Player


Project Planner


Social Business Analyst


Product Communicator