Digitize Your Factory with Tulip’s Custom App Builder, Shop-Floor IoT and Operations Analytics


Leading international manufacturers are already using Tulip to increase their productivity, quality, and efficiency of their operations by exploiting Tulip’s groundbreaking platforms.

How Tulip Works

Tulip is a platform that gives engineers the ability to build IoT-enabled manufacturing that turns workflows into an instrumented, data collecting, digital process. No Coding Needed.

Tulip App Builder

Build IoT enabled cloud-based manufacturing apps.

Shop-Floor IoT

Plug and play your way your devices through Tulip’s I/O Gateway.


Collect actionable data from the people, devices and machines on your shop floor.

Tulip App Builder

Design and build interactive applications to develop your factory, gather data, and engage your team — no coding needed.

Code-Free Design

Anyone can now have the ability to use our visual app developer to create fully functional applications. No coding needed.

Comprehensive Template Library

Save time by utilizing the template library. The team at Tulip has already created solutions that address lots of common problems found on the shop floor. 

Collaborate More Effectively

Create specially designed experiences to help the team do their work faster and better.

Tulip’s Manufacturing Apps Reduce Cost And Increase Revenue

Giving engineers the tools to make well-informed decisions helps them solve real business problems. Tulip’s manufacturing apps do just that in the following ways…

Incremental Revenue

  • Operator Productivity
  • Faster Launch of New Products
  • Real-Time Kaizen
  • Enable Customization
  • Higher Throughput

Cost Reduction

  • Reduction of Quality Defects
  • Reduction of Training Costs
  • Savings From Reduced Rework
  • Faster Error Resolution
  • Higher Machine Uptime
  • Lower IT Costs
  • Faster Audits
  • Safer Workplace
  • Increased Compliance
  • Lower Maintenance Costs

Shop-Floor IoT

Optimize your shop floor IoT by effortlessly connecting your computers, sensors and intelligent devices. Here are just a few processes that Tulip can perform…


Serialize work with barcodes or RFID integrations to dynamically control your process.


Create apps that adjust based on data from connected scales, calipers, thermometers, and sensors.

Capture Images

Operators can instantly record defects by taking images and video with camera integrations.

Identify Defects

Integrate powerful machine vision jobs that can identify, localize, and track parts to error-proof work.

Tulip Analytics

Turn your raw data into knowledge to help you make better decisions. Ditch the clipboard and allow apps to gather actionable insights in your organization to help optimize your shop floor. Here are a few ways Tulip help you keep your eye on performance…

User Performance

Better understand the efficiency and quality of users. To improve efficiency and effectiveness, see cycle time, production metrics, and data defects.

Machine Monitoring

If a machine goes down or needs attention, take immediate action. Identify bottlenecks, reduce downtime and increase the entire factory’s performance.

Smart Tools and IoT

Know exactly which tools have been used and when during the entire process. Understand all aspects of your shop floor with a factory connected to IoT.

Third-Party System Data

Data from other systems and data sources are generated and visualized. Have all of your factory data in one easy-to-understand view.