By enrolling in SOLIDWORKS Subscription Services, you’re benefiting from the full support of not just CADimensions, but SolidWorks as well. Being on subscription affords you the following:

Upgrades to the newest releases of SOLIDWORKS

SOLIDWORKS is committed to improving the tools that you use to create the world of tomorrow, which is why they regularly take feedback from users and use that feedback to drive changes to features and tools, the user interface and much more. By staying current with your subscription, you ensure you’re working with the latest and greatest version of SOLIDWORKS.

Access to CADimensions’ amazing technical support

The CADimensions Technical Support Team are among the best in the industry. Keeping your subscription current means you’re never more than a phone call or a click away from the help you need. To view our support page, click here.

Complimentary certification exams for your users

Becoming certified is the hallmark of the true SOLIDWORKS Expert and makes you a great resource for your organization. The Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional (CSWP) and SOLIDWORKS Certified Associate (CSWA) highlight your mastery and breadth of knowledge. This certification can be a boost to your career as you fine tune your skills with the world’s leading 3D modeling tool, SOLIDWORKS!

Free access to My.SolidWorks and the greater SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base

SOLIDWORKS users are a community of like-minded people who provided shared knowledge and best practices for all to use. Here you’ll find free training options, access to parts and assembly files, blogs videos, chat forums and so much more.

Enhancement Requests

Something unique about SOLIDWORKS is how it takes feedback from users and incorporates them into the next iteration of the software. Users with current subscriptions are able to leave feedback for SOLIDWORKS and maybe influence the next release!