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Experienced SOLIDWORKS users take advanced training classes to learn new skills, improve their performance, or maybe you’re working on a certification; no matter the reason we have a class to help. From advanced Surface Modeling to working with Large Assemblies, we have a course to help advance your skills.

Advanced Part Modeling


Cost: $1,250 per student

Advanced Part Modeling builds on your SOLIDWORKS experience and teaches you how to use multi-body solids, sweeping and lofting features, and the more advanced shaping capabilities of SOLIDWORKS.

Mold Design using SOLIDWORKS


Cost: $800 per student

SOLIDWORKS has built-in tools to build molds. This course will cover the manual mold creation techniques available. 

Surface Modeling


Cost: $800 per student

Surface Modeling will teach you how to build freeform shapes and surfaces in SOLIDWORKS. Topics covered include the many different surfacing tools, knitting surfaces, and creating solids from surfaces.

Routing – Piping & Tubing

Cost: $800 per student

This course teaches you how to create, edit, and manage Piping and Tubing routes from the critical routing component and their design requirements to the subassemblies that contain the route.

MBD (Model-Based Design)


Cost: $400 per student

MBD (Model Based Definition) is ideal for users creating product manufacturing information. This course will teach you how to use SOLIDWORKS MBD to define, organize, and publish 3D PMI including 3D model data.

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