A New 3D Printing Method! – Additive Manufacturing Podcast

Our Additive Manufacturing Podcast Topics of the Day

  • Our Desktop Metal System is finally complete! What’s the difference between Desktop Metal Studio and Desktop Metal Production anyway?
  • The Newest 3D Printing Technology is Finally Here! A new Method of 3D Printing called Replicator is a new way of curing resin similar to SLA or DLP.
  • Why NFL Players Are Wearing Custom 3D-Printed Helmets: https://youtu.be/1iCvPcOSkB4. Hexo launches custom helmet as the battle of the 3D printed helmets heats up: https://www.3dprintingmedia.network/h…. New Carbon 3D Printer for Larger format
  • 3D Printed lattice
  • Metal 3D Printed hand tools – Simulating stress points with SOLIDWORKS
  • Wireless charging bay with Tesla technology – WattUp® Wireless Charging Ecosystem – built-in transmitter for wireless tech.
  • Why do people assume that engineers all have the same job skills?

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